Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Potty Gods are already smiting me...

...and I haven't even started using the potties! I was *thinking* about using the potties - I guess that was enough to incur their wrath.

Having heard a million potty stories, from ones about 4 months olds signaling to use the potty to ones about 4 year olds refusing to use it, I decided I should join in on the fun. I figured, maybe if I start early, no pressure, I might be pleasantly surprised and if I wasn't, no harm done because I really don't care yet. So, this afternoon we bought four $5 potties at KMart. Two green, two beige - Sebastian "chose" the beige and Collette therefore ended up with green.

We got home, got settled and I thought now is as good a time as any to put them on the new potties. I brought Collette into the bathroom and told her what we were going to do (like she cared...). Off came the shorts and then the diaper. And there was poop. FML. No wipes in arm's reach - just toilet paper which, let me tell you, is no match for mushed up toddler poop. I wiped her as best I could and put her on the potty (why not!) while I went to find wipes and a diaper. On my way out of the bathroom, I noticed that Sebastian had not only removed his shorts (they're a bit too big) but also his diaper, which he has never before done. And it, too, had poop. And most of that poop and escaped the diaper and was on my kitchen floor. FML again. For those of you keeping score, I now had two diaperless children with poopy bottoms, zero diapers and zero wipes. Oh, and one dog who seemed all too eager to sniff, and maybe even eat, the poop.

All this and we hadn't even really TRIED the potties! Part of me thinks this is a sign that I should stop all thoughts regarding the potty. But a bigger part of me realizes that this is not that crazy a thing to have happen with two toddlers. Plus, we all need a good poop story. And quite frankly, I've heard better. Hopefully, we can try again tomorrow and not get sidetracked by dirty diapers. Wish me luck. Ha!


  1. LOL....yeah, things get wildly out of control quickly! Even when one did finally happen to pee on the potty, him and his brother dumped it out on the floor to check it out before I realized what had happened.
    Since then...its all "No diaper!...NO!!" But can they go on the potty...nope!

  2. I let them watch me go to the bathroom and I explain it but I'm not ready for this process. Our nanny bought Penny a book - we'll train her first when the time comes.

  3. Isn't it amazing how quickly things can go from perfectly fine to completely chaotic in a matter of minutes. Good story though. I was laughing with you, not at you.

    I'm with you on the starting early. After hearing stories of kids 2.5-4 who were digging in their heels about potty training, I decided I'd rather start earlier, even if it means it'll take longer. We were extremely lucky with Tiny, who was trained in less than a day. But we're getting a more typical experience with Buba, I think. I hoping he'll be trained by the fall. We'll see...

  4. I just had to laugh at your dog adding to the mix. :) There are times my kitties want in the middle of the craziness, and it's almost enough to put me over the edge. HA!

    Have you ever visited Sadia's blog? She's having a poop story party (seriously!), and this fits right in.



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