Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Colie's First Haircut

Well, it was time for the 'Fro to go. Collette was seriously getting dreadlocks in the back so we had to get her some professional help. In the form of overpriced baby haircuts at Snip-its.

Truthfully, the place was fantastic and, IMO, well worth the price. It was easy to bring all three kids (no, I was not alone!) and let them play while they waited. They could walk around and not be in the way like they would have been at a real hair salon. So, if you need to get your kid's hair cut, I totally recommend this place.

Collette was sold as soon as she get her lollipop. Animal crackers filled in the gaps. Overall, a very easy, fun experience.

Collette with the 'fro

Oblivious to the snips. Thank you, lollipop!!

Have you ever seen a cuter thing in your life?


  1. Gotta love that place...made Colin's first hair-do tolerable!

  2. omg obsesssssed! <3 these pics!! she looks like such a grown up girrrrl :)

  3. A-Dor-ABle!

    We have a Snip-Its nearby, but we go to a different kids' salon, and just love it.

  4. Her "fro" looks just like my daughter's hair currently looks. I love the hair cut though and the new do!


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