Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is my least favorite part about being a SAHM

I used to think that I had a pretty good immune system. I was one of those people that never took a sick day from work (well, I did but I wasn't sick. I was either at the beach or hungover...). I never had to see my doctor. I never took medicine. That was before I had kids.

Now, whenever the kids get sick, I get sick. They don't get sick often, for which I am very grateful. But this past weekend was one of the few times they got sick. Not the worst I've seen (like both winter bugs last year) but pretty bad nonetheless. This time I wasn't pregnant so I think I fared better. They had full-on vomiting and diarrhea while I was mostly just nauseous and unable to eat much for a couple days. But even that is almost too much to deal with when your kids are covered in vomit and crap and you still have to nurse a baby. It's so hard to get better when you can't get your rest. No sick days for Mommy.

Also, I was lucky this time because it happened mostly over the weekend (yesterday was a bit rough and Billy left in the afternoon but I managed). Having a travelling spouse when you're a SAHM really sucks when you get sick. It's not like I can simply ask him to take a day off. And my family is more than willing to help but they all have full time jobs so there isn't always much they can do.

I know a lot of you will say this is why I need a regular babysitter but that's actually a post for another day. Let's just say we're working on it. Although, I'd have to be really comfortable with someone to let them be in my house while I'm tossing my cookies upstairs. Just sayin'.

We're better today, though, and the temperatures are above zero (Fahrenheit, that is...) so things are looking up for this SAHM. Hope all of you are feeling well!


  1. So true, the lack of sick days is absolutely one of the worst things about being a SAHM. Ugh. And I think it's even worse to be sick, yourself, and trying to take care of well kids, than the other way around. Totally sucky, though, any way you slice it. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. hope you all feel better soon!

  3. Finding a regular baby sitter during the day intermittenly is HARD. If you are successful please share tips!

  4. ugh - I could not have read your post at a better time...I have a sinus infection while my twin 18 month old girls have ear infections and one just went back to doctor after 6 days on antibiotics only to find out she has a double ear infection that is not clearing up, so she got a shot of antibiotics and will need another shot tomorrow and the next day. I can barely breathe, I'm coughing up my lungs, and 2 lil peeps are pulling at me at all times - I'm so miserable, I don't know what to do. I do have a bit of help intermittently during the day but of course now my hubby is travelling out of town for 4 days which he never does just as it gets bad - sorry to ramble on your post but i feel your SAHM sick pain. Hope you feel better soon.


  5. I completely agree this is one of the hardest parts of being a SAHM! I hadn't taken a sick day in probably six years before the girls were born, but I have gotten sick a couple of times since I've been home with them. I have been fighting a cold (???) for over a week now. I am ready to go to the doctor and get something to knock this out...but when??? I'm not loading the girls up to go with me, as I'm afraid they'd get the plague in the doctor's office! HA!

    This, too, shall pass...hope you all feel better soon!

  6. Huge bummer! I feel your pain. It is the worse when the kids are sick too because then you can't "send" them anywhere to play. I don't know how you do it with hubs traveling. You are pretty amazing to be able to handle that. I can barely make it to 5:00 most days! Hope thinks look up!!

  7. I do recall getting a sick day once when Nanny April was home with the kids. And sometimes when I work crazy hours I will sleep in one morning during the week. But usually we have to take sick days when she is off (and go to work even if I am sick) but then I still have to be working so it is awful. But I did love that one day... Thank goodness, for bedtime for the kids, right?

  8. It took me a while to figure out why you were thinking this was limited to SAHMs, but it is true that if the girls are not sick and I am, I can take them to daycare. Most of the time, though, I only get sick when they're already sick, and I just have to be on my game! :)

    Stay healthy, the bunch of you!


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