Thursday, February 24, 2011


I think the kids know when Billy is on an overseas business trip because that seems to be the time when they do new, and often naughty, things. This time, Sebastian is the culprit. New (and naughty) behavior: crib escaping.

It started (and ended, actually) on Sunday morning. I went into their room and saw that Sebastian's crib was empty which could only mean one thing. He finally realized he can climb out of his crib. I have known for a little while that he is physically capable of doing it, even while still in his sleep sack. Both he and Collette use toddler sleep sacks that have special foot holes. Also, the sleep sacks are on the long side for Sebastian, who is short for his age. So, the sleep sack still gives him plenty of mobility, being so big. However, I was hoping he would just take for granted that he had to stay in his crib and not realize that "hey, I can just climb out of this stupid thing and do whatever I want!" So much for that.

I called Billy (who was in Beijing at the time - he has since made his way to Kuala Lumpur) and told him what happened. I told him what our options were: get crib tents, use the travel beds we already have, switch him to a toddler bed (shudder). Then I remembered one other suggestion I heard from someone in my mother of twins club, not sure who or when but it was filed away in my brain for this very moment. This person had taken out the bottom of the crib that hold up the mattress and simply put the mattress on the floor but within the crib. This only works if your crib sides come close enough the ground that the mattress can't be pushed out. Luckily, our crib fit the bill. Billy agreed that we should try that way as it seemed the easiest thing to do. I quickly got to work removing the support platform and put the mattress back in on the floor. This gave us about 8 extra inches of depth and now Sebastian's head barely reaches past the crib side.

Now I'm just waiting for Collette to make her escape. It's fine though. I'm ready!


  1. What a smart momma!! Good for you!! I know you were dreading the day they figured it out. This is a great solution though!

  2. You are VERY clever - now I'm filing it away for others - won't work for us because we have drawers on the bottom of our cots.

    Is B enjoying Kuala Lumpur?

  3. That is so excellent! You should submit it to Parent Hacks... Will definitely have to file this little nugget away for Baby3 if she proves a climber.

  4. We have actually moved Eva Rose into a toddler bed and will soon be moving Thomas. So far so good with Eva Rose's move. She goes to bed just as easily and still sleeps through the night. naps can be tough, but no where near as bad as I thought that it would be!


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