Monday, May 9, 2011

Collette and the Potty: Day 1

After much thought and sufficient planning, we started potty training Collette today. Billy is on vacation this week which means that we can really devote a lot of energy to her and the process. Today was the first day and it went remarkably well considering the fact she has been refusing to go on the potty at all leading up to today.

We have been psyching her up for today for about a week. She seemed excited to start using the potty and to wear her Kai Lan underwear. We told her that she would be a big girl. That she would get chocolate. And prizes! I forgot about those last two so they didn't happen. Nit that it mattered. Once we got going, she was all in, candy or not.

She had her first accident this morning, right after breakfast. Billy and I were distracted by the other two and she peed while playing at the train table. It scared her so much that she went running to Billy and slipped in the mess. Poor thing. She spent the next hour crying, sitting on the potty without producing, crying more, another accident, more crying. Then she finally had a successful trip to the potty and she was so happy. I know because she actually said, "my so happy!". She didn't have another accident until lunch. Food can be distracting that way. She wore a diaper for nap (which I need to elaborate on but I'll wait until tomorrow for that), and did many a trip throughout the afternoon. She was accident-free for the rest of the day! Not too shabby!

Some things that worked for us:
- drinking water on the potty
- putting her fingers in warm water while on the potty
- letting her tell us when she had to go (as opposed to us bringing her - fit with her personality/mood better)
- rolling up the rug in the living room

Fingers crossed that Day 2 is even better...

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  1. Glad its off to a good start! Good luck with day 2! Ella also had a great pooty trainind day today and Avery insisted on wearing a pullup and doing her business in that, but did go once on the potty when she saw ella got a mini marshmellow!

  2. Sounds like a very, very successful day one. Good luck with day two!

  3. Wow! That is awesome! Way to go Collette! I like the idea of sticking her fingers in warm water!

  4. Yay Collette - so glad she's happy :)

  5. Your living the dream! To be one step closer to free of changing diapers one day! What will you do with all your free time?

  6. Some day we'll be ready for potty training.

  7. I'm so not ready for potty training and only let Cameron wear underwear over her diapers. I think it's because I am resisting the pee clean up scenarios that are sure to come fast and furious. Good luck!

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