Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Big Hit of the Garden

My tiny little garden has been giving us its all for the past couple months. We had a rainy go of it in May but June has been nice and with our sprinkler system on, I don't even need to water the plants. Gardening has proven to be a pretty low-key, rewarding hobby thus far.

To date, I have harvested strawberries (which are just now coming to an end), arugula (done since late May/early June), spinach (same story as the arugula), cilantro (one batch done, more sprouts coming up), basil (still growing), shallots (which are curing as we speak), snap peas (just finished) and carrots. With the exception of the strawberries, the kids have been most excited about the carrots. Collette sank her teeth into one before I could even get it inside to wash off. They are a small variety so make great snacks for little 2-year old bellies. And the kids seem to enjoy our garden carrots more than the ones I get from store. I doubt its the taste as much as it is the novelty of it being from our garden and being small. But who knows - maybe they taste something better in those little treats. The carrots are also one of my favorite things to harvest. It just amazes me that the treasure is hiding under that soil, waiting for me to pull it up and eat it. Next year (and late this season, I'm sure) I will definitely plant more carrots.

For our summer veggies and herbs, we'll have more basil and cilantro, sweet and hot peppers (Billy forced me to grow habaneros and I'm scared to harvest them when the times comes!), green onions, tomatoes and more strawberries.  I also have swiss chard and parsley seeds that I may sow this week, which would be ready by the end of summer if all goes well.

I'll be sharing some of my garden recipes thus far over at How Does Your Garden Grow so be sure to pop over and see what I did with all that veggie goodness.  I'm making a ratatouille tonight that I posted a while ago over there.  Too bad the kids won't eat it...more for me, though!!


  1. Those carrots are too cute! Your garden sounds awesome. I'm going to plan on your schedule next year!

  2. Great success for your first adventure in gardening! We just fertilized our garden and hopefully it will help. I can't wait for second season planting. Next year I have to plan better. Hopefully second season planting will be better planned this year!

  3. That's great! I have a really hard time getting my kids to eat veggies (I was just thinking about how I can't get them to eat raw carrots). You are so wonderfully motivated!


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