Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sympathy Pregnancy

As Sebastian and Collette get older and understand more, I try to be as honest with them as possible.  It can be hard to talk about grown up things at a level they can understand but they often surprise by how much they understand.

I told them about the coming baby, that it's in my belly and all that.  They seem to understand and remember when I ask them about it.  And because the first trimester always kicks my ass, I have told them that the baby can make mommy feel sick and tired sometimes. 

In light of this, Collette has developed a sympathy pregnancy.  She, too, has a baby in her belly - a baby girl, at that - and her baby is making her tummy "ouchy" and also making her sleepy.  I guess she is also in her first trimester.

It's things like this that make me really love the stage they are in right now.  Too darn cute!


  1. Oh that may be the cutest thing I have have heard... but still sorry you're not feeling well:( Let me know if you need anything? And let's make plans!! We have a class on Tuesday and are free most other mornings/afternoons. Are your kids at preschool Tues and Thurs?

  2. Penny is doing this with April's pregnancy! She says her baby (named Miranda which is what April's would have been if her baby had been a girl (it's a boy)) is hungry or her baby in her tummy isn't feeling well. I can't wait too see what comes next if April breastfeeds!

  3. I'll bring her some saltines and ginger ale this afternoon...



  4. Nicole, that is just too precious! DO you have help with Matteo and S&C? How are you coping?

  5. I just love those babies. They are looking so delectable. And I like this post also this will make an awareness to every one.


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