Saturday, February 28, 2009

3's about me

Essential E has posted a little get-t0-know-you challenge - simple and fun for a Saturday night in with the twins. Here's what you're supposed to do: Copy this and paste it into your own post. Delete my answers and type in yours, then tag a few good friends and family.

Three Names I go by
1. Nicole
2. Cole (or Colie)
3. Baby (but only by my husband)

Three Jobs I have had in my life
1. Consultant
2. Pizza Delivery Girl
3. Non-Profit Slave

Three Places I have lived
1. North Andover, MA
2. Madrid
3. Boston

Three TV Shows that I watch (or at least record on my DVR)
2. Biggest Loser
3. 30 Rock

Three places I have been
1. El Salvador
2. Virgin Islands (US and British)
3. Hawaii

Three books I have especially enjoyed
1. The Sex Lives of Cannibals (nothing to do with cannibals, or sex, but its HILARIOUS!)
2. Anything by Amy Tan
3. Life of Pi

People who e-mail me regularly
1. MoTs
2. My sister
3. My husband

Three of my favorite foods
1. lobster
2. ice cream
3. refried beans

Three things I am looking forward to
1. The twins sleeping through the night (630pm - 630am...its a tall order)
2. Our trip to the Cayman Islands in May
3. Getting my hair highlighted

Twinfatuation: Easy Three-sy


  1. I've been meaning to read Sex Lives of Cannibals, I'll have to move it to the top of my list! By the way, the picture of your babes that you use for your header is too hilarious! -e

  2. Stopping by from SITS to say hi!

    The pic in your header is ADORABLE!


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