Monday, May 18, 2009

Makes My Monday: Thank God for Small Favors

Last night was the worst night of sleep I have had since the babies came home from the hospital. Even worse than during our vacation. Weren't they supposed to be doing this months ago, so we could all be past it by now?? Here's a little timeline, as best I can recall:

6:30pm - Put babies in crib (both unswaddled - this was Sebastian's 5th night after 4 successful nights)
6:45pm - Pacify Sebastian
7:10pm - Pacify Collette
7:50pm - Pacify Sebastian
8:25pm - Pacify Collette
9:05pm - Pacify Sebastian
10:10pm - Sebastian is hysterical; give him a bottle (1oz)
12:30am - Pacify Sebastian
1:15am - Pacify Sebastian
2:00am - Collette is hysterical; giver her a bottle (1oz)
2:30am - Pacify Sebastian
2:35am - Pump
3:30am - Pacify Sebastian
4:00am - Sebastian is hysterical; give him a bottle (1oz)
4:50am - Pacify Sebastian
5:20am - Collette has a very stuffy nose (from crying??); rock her for a few minutes and back to bed
5:45am - Daddy pacifies both babies. Leaves for work.
6:10am - Pacify Sebastian. Make Coffee. Pump. Watch Desperate Housewives.
6:30am - Get babies up.

So, what is Making My Monday?? I was certain that after getting approximately 30 minutes of sleep, the twins would be little hellions this morning. But as soon as I turned on the light to get them up, they showered me with delightful smiles. Thank God for small favors!

And starting this weekend we will be doing CIO/Ferber/SOMETHING!!! Because I'm not doing that again. Ever. I would like to keep the morning smiles though.
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PS - They aren't teething; not even the slightest bump under their gums. Unless they have the Princess-and-the-Pea syndrome. In which case I'm screwed.


  1. I had LOTS of nights like that when my boys were little! Hope it makes you feel better to know we survived!

  2. What a sweet little face to wake up and see! I remember those nights and UGH! I do not miss them at all. Swaddling was the best but I also remember thinking, "I am going to be swaddling them when they are 16?" Ha! They eventually just kicked off the swaddling. They now look back at their baby photos and say, "Look at those baby burritos!"
    Hope your nights improve soon!

  3. OMG! All I can say it this too shall pass. I can remember night like that one when the boys were so little. Now that they are two it is different. Hunter my perfect sleeper is out for the night in 10 mins. Nicholas is about atleast 3 times a night always winds up in my bed. I know bad habbit but mommy needs sleep too! Good luck and enjoy these times you will miss it! It goes by all too fast.

  4. Maybe there is something in the air b/c Ella and Ave's were each up at least 3x. I just kept plugging them up with the pacifiers, then eventually went and slept where I couldn't hear them for the final hour before i had to get the boys off to school. Now on my 3rd cup of coffee! Tonight I refuse to keep fetching the pacifiers and might let them cio! I will let you know how it goes...

  5. You are going to hate me but my kids never did this. I think it is because by the time I had them unswaddled they could find their own pacifiers (and did). I also did CIO at 5 months exactly for nighttime - so maybe it is a signal you should do that. If they are eating so little at night they don't have to wake up but I would recommend a "solid" food feeding of rice cereal plus some fruit or veggie mixed in any time 4:30 pm and later. I did it between their 3 pm bottles and bedtime bottles. Once they started decreasing bedtime bottles as a result I pushed "dinner" to after their 6 pm bottles with lights out by 7 pm (they get up around 6:30 am). Nighttime CIO is way shorter in duration than naptime CIO. Some kids do need to be swaddled longer although sounds like Sebastian does okay without it so I wouldn't go back without trying CIO first. Love his smile.

  6. Wonderful smiles. It is all worth it isn't it? Stopping my from MMM from Cheryl's blog.

  7. Ugh, so frustrating. I remember that's when I hit my breaking point for sleep and Ferberized. Right about the same age, things suddenly started getting worse instead of better. Enter CIO, and four days later we were all a whole hell of a lot happier. Let me know if you want any advice, though I think I've already put it all out there! :-)

  8. Yikes. I certainly hope that you figure that one out soon. But what a sweet little smile to greet you :)

  9. poor thing! I can just feel the bone tired from here! sounds like it is time for some CIO...I think that would eliminate all of those "pacify" before 10 PM. Are you ready to drop the pacifier altogether? Not sure on the bottles though...mine will cry for over 2 hours if they think they are entitled to more milk!**sigh** Other than that I have a lot of trouble at night when they have ear infections....which sadly is at least once a month for us!
    PS. I was shocked but they do still have big smiles even while sleep training :) Hang in there.

  10. What an adorable smile. I remember those days with Andrew. I know where you're comin from. Breelyn on the other hand is a great sleeper. I am only blessed in that area. I know how ya feel. It can be sooo frustrating

  11. Wow, what a night! It's funny...Colin will slept through the night twice during Mother's Day weekend, but since, he has woken up at least once, usually 2 or 3 times per night. I think we will try CIO after our trip. He usually goes to sleep well, but starts the waking usually after 1am. So what do we/you do for CIO when the twins share a room and one of the twins is an angel? Do we let her suffer her brother's cries???

  12. Hang in there...and those smiles do keep us sane amidst the sleep deprivation, don't they? We did a modified CIO that worked WILL all work.

    And to Boston Chef, our "angel" (and the angel would flip flop as the months passed!) frequently slept straight through or just roused mildly (which is a great convenience to keeping both in the same room, you can pat each woken babe!).

    Hang in there, Mamas!

    (and those smiles Make My Monday too, Nicole!)


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