Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta: Three's a Crowd

I noticed the other day, after looking through a bunch of pictures of Sebastian and Collette, that I have practically no photos of me with my children. There are a few here and there but even then, I'm usually just with one of the babies. Since Auntie Kim was over, I decided to rectify the situation and had her take some pics of me actually holding both of my offspring. We decked them out in the new threads, an impromptu gift from their Auntie. But as soon as we got ourselves into position, I realized why there are so few pictures of all three of us together.

They started off only slightly pissed...

And proceeded to completely meltdown in the time it took to snap two pictures.

Oh well. I'll have to call J. Crew and tell them that we are no longer available for that family photo shoot.

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PS - Michael Jackson died of a heart attack yesterday. I don't really have a comment. Just wanted to include it here for posterity.


  1. yayy!!! soxy lady shirt! :) and omg their outfits are toooo adorable!! xoxo

  2. You guys are so cute :). Love that you laugh through the meltdown.

  3. Oh cuties! The title picture for your blog is priceless too. Love those eyes!

  4. Aww! I know the feeling! But they are so adorable that even when slightly fussy - they are still precious!

  5. I hardly have any of me with any of my kids. It's sad, but I tend to always be behind the camera....

    I love these photos! Full of reality ;)


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