Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's, El Salvador Style

First off, let me just confess: I did not make it until midnight on New Year's Eve. Sun and beach and two 13-month olds will wear you out, no doubt, and add to that all the energy my body is expending trying to sustain yet another life and I need me my eight hours of sleep!

But still, it was a very enjoyable New Year's. We got to the beach on the 29th and left on the 1st - a nice chunk of time to spend sans TV, computer or phones. The kids had a great time although they definitely preferred the kiddie pool to the Pacific.

We did lots of relaxing, naturally. And Billy tried to get the kids to join in, too, but they only have two speeds: full and off. However, he did manage to read them half a story in the hammock before they started wiggling around like little piglets.

The high lights of New Year's Eve were watching the sunset while we were in the ocean with the kids (last sunset of 2009!) and the food. That night, a cousin of our friends made a huge and delicious paella, with seafood that was mostly caught that morning from the town we were in. Here's a peak:

A lovely minivacation indeed. And to clarify from my last post (FavAuntie!), we will not go to El Salvador every Christmas - just every New Year's. And every other year, we will go for both. It's the best time to go because it's their "summer" - not because they are in the Southern Hemisphere (they aren't) but because they consider summer to be the dry season (although it's cooler) and the wet season is winter (although it's hotter). I don't try to make sense of it, I just go with flow. And enjoy the sunshine every day.


  1. omggg so cute! and thanks for clarifying about xmas- i almost had a heart attack! i dont thinki could handle not seeing them for xmas AGAIN next year :) breaks my heart!!

    suuuch cute pics! they are soo biiiig. make sure u post more pics on facebook or something. that paella looks awesome if i liked seafood.

  2. Oh, I am jealous. It's supposed to be 16 degrees here tomorrow - and we had something like 26 100+ degree days this summer!

    I don't think season words translate well, even between countries that use the same language (eg El Salvador and Spain). Bangladesh has six seasons, which vaguely translate to Spring Summer Flood Autumn Winter Other-Kind-of-Flood, but it's easier to think of them as an altogether different way to chop up the year.

  3. It looks like lots of fun. The paella looks delicious.

  4. lovely kids
    beautiful view
    kind mother

  5. Wow!! Sounds like a great time. :)

    I'd love to say that the paella looks good, but I don't eat sea food ;)


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