Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lost in Translation

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Sebastian and Collette have been making good progress on the communication front. Things are still going well, both with words and signs, and I think Sebastian may soon eclipse Collette in the spoken word category - go figure!

One of their newest signs is "thank you" which is a good thing but also a tricky thing, for a few reasons. First off, it looks a lot like blowing a kiss so I'm not sure they know the difference. They also don't really understand the concept of thank you, as in only the receiver needs to say it, not the giver as well. I suppose I should teach them "you're welcome" but all that seems pretty high brow for 18 month olds. Then again, what do I know. The other issue is with what deserves a "thank you" - both Sebastian and Collette seem to be under the impression that whenever you get something, even if it's by force, you say thank you. Kind of like a bank robber thanking the teller very much for all that cash. We're working on no toy stealing but at least when they do it, they're polite about it...?


I got yelled at by one of my sisters for not posting enough pictures of the twins. My reasons are two-fold: I'm lazy/unmotivated to take pictures and they are horrible subjects. Video would be much more appropriate but you have to be sneaky which I am not. I do have some photos from the past few weeks and, although they are completely unrelated to this post, I will share a couple with you anyway. You're welcome.

First dip of the season

Totally cheating at Cornhole

PS - Matteo has decided that my bladder makes an awesome toy. I almost peed in my pants today, literally. Not sure I can make it 6 more weeks with no accidents. *sigh*


  1. I think "thank you" and "you're welcome" are tough for little guys to figure out. Buba says thank you and your welcome all in one breath as if they belong together. Yes, it's not correct, but it's pretty darn cute. :o)

  2. That's pretty funny that they say "thank you" even when stealing toys! Over here...I am the only one who says "Thank you" and "your welcome." Like I am having whole conversations with myself! Thankfully they are more polite with others than they are with me. We are making good progress with "please" when they request something. I usually have to remind them to ask "nicely" so they repeat the request adding a "nice, please" to the end :)

  3. HAHAHAH Oh my - ya, you need to get that on video. *snatch* "thank you!" tee hee :)

  4. these pics are so cute!!! seeee, you DO have good pics!! :) cant wait to squeeze those babies in a couple weeks!!


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