Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Outings and Stranger Danger

It's hot here. I hate the heat. I didn't always but now that I have kids and am home all day in central A/C that doesn't work well, I'm not diggin' it so much. Being pregnant doesn't help. Anyway, the point of all this, other than to bitch a little, is that I have been on the lookout for cool activities to do this summer, especially when its just me and the kids. Mother Nature does not save heat and humidity for the weekend, as I remember well from my working days.

Yesterday, after a long nap for all three of us, I decided we should try to do a nature walk in the Fells. I used to take the dog there all the time before the twins were born and I think we may have done some walks there when they were very small. Since they have been so good at listening (for 19 month olds) and staying close to me, I thought we should give it a try. With all those tall trees, you could barely feel the heat of the sun - it was so nice. The kids played with rocks and sticks, stayed on the path when I reminded them, listened to birds and had fun pushing the empty jogging stroller.

On our way back to the car, we passed a family - three teen/pre-teen girls and their mom. We all said "hi', exchanged pleasantries, etc. As they were walking away, Collette walked over to one of the girls, tried to hold her hand and walk off with her! Now, I'm glad she is so friendly with new people, but good Lord! This child is an abduction waiting to happen. Gotta love her free spirit. :)


  1. awwwwwww Coconut!!! hahahha she is too much. <3 herrr :):)

  2. I hear ya about the heat!! We have been playground hopping in Cambridge because a lot of their parks have water sprays. We found a great one today that is in the shade and the water is perfect for toddlers!

  3. It's actually a nice cloudy day here, which puts the temps in the low 90s. They're very kindly replacing the 45-year-old cooling system in my building. Scheduled completion: next year. ;)

    My girls are frighteningly friendly too. I tried to teach the girls about stranger danger, and they just took to introducing themselves to everyone and asking their names, "So they're not strangers any more."

  4. Oh, ya ... we totally need to chat with my kids about stranger danger. But I don't want to scare the shit out of them! (However, Maggie blowing kisses to some other dad she's never met before MIGHT just be a little too much. Oy.)

    Stay cool!!

  5. I'm not fond of all the heat/humidity we've had either and we just have wall A/C units that we only use in the most uncomfortable of situations. Coming from the midwest where everyone has central air, this has been a hard thing to adjust to. Our next home will definitely have central A/C if I get my way. I was only very newly pregnant in the summer of 2007 and can only imagine how awful it must feel to be close to full term in the kind of weather we've been having. Hang in there and enjoy these cooler days coming up!


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