Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Discovery

I have been using this oven for over three years and only just now discovered the oven light. The kids delighted in seeing their dinner cook. Now, if their delight would only get them to actually eat it...

FYI - I was cooking black bean burgers, recipe I got here. I cut some into stars in hopes that it would encourage the kids to at least try them. Sebastian did eat two bites of the "ya ya's" so I'll throw it in the win column.


  1. Is it worth me trying this recipe? I'll try anything new that the kids may eat.

  2. @Amy: Ya - they were really tasty. I think I made them a bit too spicy for my guys so if you do the "Mexican" flavor, I would go without the hot sauce or hot spices. You could also do the "Italian" flavor which would not be spicy at all. I made regular patties but then cut a few into star shapes with a cookie cutter. It did help a little bit with sparking their interest.

  3. I cannot get my kids to take "no thank you" bites of anything. I have offered cooked carrots about 30 times and I think Ned has had one bite, once. Penny, never. It is totally the age for this and I'm just trying to ride it out but I hate that Ned and Penny are still in 18 month pants. 18 months!


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