Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally, some *solid* solid food

My days of pureeing fruits and veggies are by no means over. But we have added some actual solids to the babies' solid food menu. 8 months is just around the corner and I figured, what the hell, close enough!

I got a 3-ton box of cheerios at BJs and assume it will last me until enroll the twins in preschool. At least at the rate they are going. Their pincer grasp is not so much developed yet so success has been limited. Unless you define success as feeding Lola Cheerios. I'm pretty sure that's how Lola defines it.

Sebastian's method of eating Cheerios is to completely ignore the fact that he has an opposable thumb and simply scratch the food tray. This mostly results in Cheerios reaching the far edges of the tray, totally out of reach, or Cheerios flicked onto the floor for Lola. See! Success.

Collette's method is a bit more advanced although she lacks in follow-through. She uses the stickiness of her hand to get Cheerios onto her palms. Then, she brings her hand to her mouth. However, her hand doesn't actually touch her mouth - it comes close and then she starts to chew air. Her hand then falls to her side, Cheerios fall to floor for Lola. More success!!

My next attempt at solid baby food was pasta. This would have to turn out better because I can still feed it to them on a spoon. Well, little grasshopper, you are wrong again! I've heard about all these babies making themselves throw up because they don't like the texture of some food they're eating. And now, my Sebastian gets to join this not-so-exclusive club. And I get to join the not-so-exclusive club of moms who have to clean up multi-colored alphabet pasta throw up.

So, how long does this last? When will they start to get the hang of non-pureed, non-liquid nourishment?


  1. haha lola's gonna get fat! but i hear cheerios are good for cholesterol :) can we get a video of the twins soon please?? xoxo

  2. my b/g twins are a week behind yours, and no where near anything solid either. Just today I tried brown rice "porridge" with the tiniest of chunks- and was, for the first time, met with the "nope ma, no way am I gonna eat that" face. And lots of gagging.

    I have also been gagged and thrown up on, due to a missed apricot blob. It's not pretty!

  3. You'll wake up one morning, and they'll be opening the refrigerator and devouring everything they find. At least that is how I remember it happening.

  4. It just happens. At 13 months mine (super texture vomiters) are hardly vomiting anymore. Well, sometimes they try and over stuff their mouths and en up the same place...but it usually isn't a texture thing. Pasta is still an issue with mine but they love toast (maybe because they are half British?). Have you tried the pastina pasta stars?

  5. Try some puffs. Pasta is tough for a while - my kids liked the gerber soft raviolis. They can gnaw on bagles to which helps teething. But really they only did puffs for about a month. Then shredded cheese. Pancakes are good (and can be homemade - we add applesauce!) too. Ned is a shovel, no pincher. Penny is a pincher. It's funny how differently they eat. Puking should sort itself out in a month or so but that's why "dissolvable" food is good for right now.

  6. Yup, I agree with the puffs. They just melt in their mouths as well.

    And that box 'o cheerios will be gone before you know it. We used to get one weekly ;)

  7. Rice krispies are the best! They disolve and are much cheaper than puffs. Shredded cheese. Apple strings, cooked just a bit. Chunks of cooked carrot or sweet potato or avocado (maybe with some cheerios dust sprinked on it, so it's not so slippery).

    The best thing we ever did was introduce rice krispies. I'd feed them their usual dinner, then sprinkle a handful on their trays. It kept them occupied FOREVER. And, they got really good at small motor and picking things up too. Double bonus!


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