Monday, July 27, 2009

Makes My Monday: FLYing

Through some various Internet avenues, I managed to stumble across a new site: People (women) were talking about how it has transformed their lives and their homes. Basically, it helps you keep your house looking neat and orderly all the time without TOO much work each day. OK, sounds good - but would this really work?

Well, let me say first that I am responsible for all the cleaning and most household chores which is fine with me. Most of the time. However, there are instances where I feel overwhelmed and other instances where Billy (and Kim) feel I could do a better job. And the thing is, I completely agree with them. I am not, by nature, I neat and orderly person. So, while it is my "job", I'm not particularly well-suited for it. That's where most people would say, "hey, why don't you get a cleaning lady?" Unfortunately, that would not work for me, either. Due to a mad combination of unfounded pride and stinginess, this idea makes me feel very uncomfortable. And that brings us back to square one.

I knew that I wouldn't just change my way of being without help. And my kids, dog and husband are more distracting than helpful so I would have to find outside motivation. Enter FLYLady. I can't explain it all here but let me just say that I love it. All those people were right - it is life changing. It has made me think differently about everything I do around my house. In less than a week, I feel like my home is cleaner and I am in more control than ever. AND I do not feel burnt out. If I keep up with this, I know that I will never have to do a 2-day long marathon cleaning session. I just do certain things, each day, in small time increments and added all up, it makes a huge difference.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your household chores, I promise, checking out this site will make your Monday, too!!

And head over to Twinfatuation for other Monday makers.


  1. I read a few of her posts when my twins were younger and some of it helped to keep up my house. My only concern was the "get dressed even in shoes" advice. For one thing, I would have to do more laundry if I got dressed that much each day. For another, we don't wear shoes in the house. And finally, as a nursing mom, this was bad advice. For my friend, though, this was the best part of her advice and it really helped her get stuff done.

    Have I ever told you that I LOVE the pic on top of this page? Your babies are so adorable and the expressions they are making in that pic crack me up every time I see it!

  2. Love your header also on your blog! Your twins are darling! Yes I heard great things about that blog..I am glad that it is working for you. Stopping by from MMM!

  3. Stopping by from MMM!! I'm going to check out that blog:)

  4. Interesting. I have never heard of this, but wow, it sounds like it's something I need for my new home.
    Going to check it out right now. Thanks!


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