Tuesday, March 16, 2010

15 Month Check Up and Other Thoughts

Today we finally had our 15 month check up with Dr. C - only 3 weeks late but hey, who's counting? Stats are as follows:

26 lbs (90th percentile)
33 in. (99th percentile - Daddy's girl!)

22.5 lbs (30th percentile)
31.5 in. (70th percentile)

That's the good news. The bad news is that they both have some form of bronchiolitis (but not RSV). She said that the cough could last about 3 weeks and I estimate they have had it for about 2. She said we should hold off on antibiotics for a week and see if it resolves itself. For the most part, they have been in good spirits so I'm very much in favor of no meds. But if in a week it doesn't go away, we will have to bring in big guns. Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't come to that.

Also, because they are sick and could get an ear infection as a result of the bronchiolitis, Dr. C decided to hold off on the shots. She didn't want the kids to get a fever and then have me wonder if its due to the vaccines or if it means they got an ear infection. So, back in two weeks for the fun stuff.

And now for the very good news: Dr. C is pregnant. WITH TWINS!! As soon as she walked in the room, I thought she was preggo. The little bump on her skinny frame was certainly not from a big lunch but was still too small for me to ask. Luckily, she brought it up and told me the good news. But guess what: she is 24 weeks! And barely has a bump! I am 21 weeks with ONE baby and look a lot more pregnant than she does. Then again, I am 5'4" and she is 6'2" (no joke) so its totally unfair all around. This does mean that she won't get to meet Tater Tot until she comes back from maternity leave (if?) so that's a bit sad but I am, of course, very happy to welcome her into the world of MOT-hood.

Somewhat related. I wanted to ask her if she used ART for her twins. They are fraternal which always makes me think that it might be the case. I didn't ask because I didn't want to pry although I doubt she would have minded. But I got to thinking: is the whole ART thing in kind of a snowball effect? I feel like I am always hearing about more and more twins and I know it is in part due to ART. I wonder if, as more people do it, the stigma of seeing a fertility doctor has gone away a bit. Or maybe hearing about and knowing people who have used ART, it makes others more likely to pursue it and pursue it sooner than they would have otherwise. We waited less than a year before seeing a RE (shhh, don't tell Aetna!) and maybe that is a growing trend. In this state, it certainly helps that insurance covers ART but I think that's just part of the reason. If I'm right and people feel more comfortable seeing a RE these days, then that makes me very happy. If millions of people can talk about taking Viagra, then (in)fertility should be ok to talk about, too.


  1. How fun that your doc is expecting twins too! (Our pediatrician is also a twin mommy) Fun to share the experience with a doc. :)

    Glad to hear all's stats are so good...and wishing everyone a speedy return to health!

  2. Glad to hear the kids are growing so well. Mine are still on the small side. Our doc was pregnant with twins also, but unfortunately went into early labor at 23 weeks and the babies were unable to survive. The good news is she should either have had her new baby or is having it soon. I hope the stigma of infertility is lessening. I don't have any idea what it is like to deal with infertility, but hopefully people are able to comfortably talk about fertility issues.

  3. SHUT. UP. Dr. C is pregnant with TWINS?!?! That's the most awesome thing I've ever heard. We might have to go in for a checkup just so I can congratulate her!

    Sorry to hear the kiddos are sick, hope they get better soon.

  4. @Goddess: I know, seriously! Its nuts :) If you saw her, you would die at how small she is. Not that you'd be surprised because you know how tall and skinny she is but still. Thinking of myself at 24 weeks, most people thought I was ready to deliver any day...sigh.

  5. Is ART the same thing as IVF? That's why that call it Twinachusetts - we wouldn't have this many were it not for fertility treatments covered by insurance. But I'm happy that everyone gets the chance to have one or more babies! How are the kids - cranky? Mine have been sick for a few weeks (we did get the shots and then they developed terrible colds and ear infections so it is good you are waiting). They are crankmonsters.

  6. How cool to have a doctor who will soon GET it!

    I think you'll like this article by Xbox. The Irish Times was so blown away by responses that he wrote a followup.

    I definitely think people are talking about it more. I doubt people 20 years ago felt comfortable approaching strangers to ask whether their kids were "natural"!

  7. Sorry, bad link. It's http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/features/2009/0311/1224242655889.html

  8. @Mommy Esq: Funny that you ask what ART is because I realize I have been using it wrong. I thought it was umbrella term for all sorts of procedures (including stim meds and IUI) but technically its just when sperm and egg are dealt with; not just one or the other. Of course, all "help" increases the chances of multiple pregnancy so I should probably use a term like "fertility treatments."

    As for the kids, no, they have been delightful, actually, so their diagnosis did catch me off guard a bit.

  9. i require pictures w/every blog post.

    stacey :)

  10. So, did you get Dr. C. to sign up?? I totally would have pre-twin-stalked. ;)

    Our pedi has twins who are about a year older than my two. (she's a twin herself as well.) It kicks butt to have someone who just *knows* what it's all about.

    Sorry your kiddos aren't feeling well - I hope that all clears up soon!!


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