Friday, March 12, 2010

In Between

With the start of the crappy weather, the kidlets and I headed to the Klubhouse this morning to let them burn off some energy before running a couple errands. We have been members of this indoor playspace since late summer and its been awesome. The kids have a great time and its very easy for me to manage them on my own. However, that all changing.

After playing for about 5 minutes in the baby/toddler room (the room we always play in), both Collette and Sebastian were shaking the baby gate, watching the big kids play on all the (way more fun) big kid stuff. They have racetrack for scooters, a castle and pirate ship to climb and two bounce house things. Also, Collette is especially obsessed with big kids lately and tries to follow them wherever they go. Needless to say, the baby room was really not doing it for them anymore.

I figured I'd see how it goes out in the big room and if it was a disaster, we could leave. Well, it wasn't really a disaster but it wasn't a whole lot of fun, either. They kept walking onto the track and I kept having to take the off before someone ran over them. They went in opposite directions (you're shocked, I know) - one back into oncoming traffic, the other towards a table of someone else's snacks. I managed to get both of them to follow me to the art room where we had snack and made a card for Daddy. That killed about 15 minutes. Then back to the toddler room which lasted a bit longer this time, maybe 10 minutes. Then they were back at the gate, begging to be big.

The problem is, they won't be "big enough" for that room for a while. It's fine for someone with just one young toddler. They just follow them around, rescue them from danger and make sure they don't get into other people's stuff. But with TWO young toddlers, its just not possible. I don't really know when they'll be big enough to ride the scooters - we practiced on the carpet instead of the actual track and very little progress was made. I don't know when they'll be big enough to climb ladders and go down big slides. But I do know that it won't be within the next month or so. I'm hoping by the time Tater Tot comes (4 months - yikes!!), they will be able to play there (more) independently but for now, we are stuck in between. Too big for the baby room but not big enough for the big kid room. Guess I'll have to put my membership there on hiatus.


  1. I found that the Klubhouse was great, except for the reasons that you stated. The twins were fine, but Michael wanted out of the toddler room, yet he wasn't quite big enough for the big kids room even though that was where he wanted to be. It's been a little tough finding things for them all to do with just me. Even though they are so close in age, they are worlds apart developmentally. If you find anything that works better, please pass on the info. My twins are going to be the age your are soon and I'm sure they're going to want to do more things that Michael is doing even thought they may not be able to.

  2. This is the problem I had with the Klubhouse all last summer. I'd try either Together in Motion or MallTots. Or, maybe sign them up for music class? Or gymnastics? I can't quite remember how old they are but we started around 18 months and had a lot of fun. Reading Gymnastics gives you two for the price of one for twins! Good luck...

  3. Or you can arrange a "playdate" with those of us with 4 year olds who can play independently while 2 adults do one on one with your kids. :) Just an idea. :)

    Back when my kids were that age, my husband and I spent an hour after dinner each night following the kids around on the playground, teaching them to climb and slide without killing themselves. The one on one attention worked wonders. We were able to protect them from themselves and the big kids who'd trample them otherwise, while they learned to manage the equipment.

  4. Sounds like the predicament I have been finding myself in trying to take the girls to the playground by myself- what a disaster. They try and climb on the bigger structures and are a complete hazard to themself. If there was one- no problem I could just shadow them around but 2- I feel helpless! What to do?

  5. Try mall tots or little bears play center, they are good ages for both. Let us know if u want to try one of those after school and we'd love to meet you


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