Monday, March 1, 2010

Back Home

Well, we all survived. I (very easily) made it three whole days without my kids and Billy was SuperDad. But really, did we expect anything less? Of course not.

My weekend in VA was mostly filled with baby shopping, eating, and more baby shopping. Oh, and some nursery organizing. But what else would two pregnant girls do together, honestly? Although, to change things up, we did watch Paranormal Activity which was not nearly as scary as everyone made it out to be. It was a very good time all round. I was even blessed by the cashier at Starbucks - like, the let-me-say-a-long-prayer-with-my-eyes-closed-and-holding-your-hand-amen type of blessing. So, I guess little Tater Tot is all set now. Gotta love spending time below the Mason-Dixon line. :)

Meanwhile, SuperDad took the kids to not one but TWO malls and had them eat out twice. I think it was harder than he thought it would be, but of course it's quite doable. He also nursed Sebastian's cold and sore throat and realized what a "handful" Collette is. (I love that he used that word to describe her. A euphemism if I ever heard one!) They had lots of fun while I was gone but were glad to see me come home. I made it back about 15 minutes before lights out and I have NEVER seen them so excited to see me. That must be how Billy feels when he comes home from work. It was awesome.

Sebastian eating some pasta at Papa Gino's

Billy's text when he sent me this picture:
I think I'm in over my head
Apparently, it was very hard to keep an eye on both kids at the same time. Ya think?! :)


  1. LOVE this post! hahahha so funny. billy is totally superdad! cant wait to see those little babes. miss them so much!

  2. It sounds like after walking a mile in your shoes your husband fully appreciates your superness!

  3. hahahaha you ARE brave... lol.. My gremlins are 2 now, and to be honest, if I leave my husband with them for more than 2 hrs, he's overwhelmed.. hahahaha BUT to his defense, he's been deployed for over 18 months of their 26 months of life... hehehehe

  4. billy is a superdad, for sure. tomato sauce is always a brave venture for little ones...sebastian has never looked saucier. when does billy get to try again and you come to portland?

  5. Maybe it's not nice, but I always feel a tiny bit happy when the kids give T a hard time while I'm out. Telling someone about how tough the kids can be sometimes is not the same as having that person experience it for himself.

    Glad you had a nice time in VA. It sounds like Billy did a great job!


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