Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toddlers are weird

Just to get this out of the way, yes I'm still pregnant. Yes, that means I am 41 weeks and 1 day along. Tomorrow (Monday) we will try for the third time to get me into the hospital to be induced. I have nothing more to say about it at this point. But rest assured I will put up a post right before we leave for the hospital, one way or the other.

Anyway, to the topic of the post: Toddlers are weird. This one is mainly about Sebastian. Not that Collette doesn't have her adorable quirks but Sebastian is exhibiting a few that I really don't want to forget:
  1. He will only eat from the kiddie spoons with yellow in them. We have 4 plastic spoons that they use for their morning oatmeal (they scoop and hold better than their PBKids metal spoons) and two have yellow in them; the other two do not. I can't remember when started to obsess over the yellow spoons but trust me, those are the only two he will use.
  2. He is constantly kissing inanimate objects. First it was pictures (I taught them both to kiss a picture of their daddy), then it was stuffed animals but now it has progressed into the random. Like the table. Or the floor. Or a cup. So odd but still, so cute.
  3. At dinner, he refuses to eat anything on a spoon (even a yellow one!) - it must be finger food or fork food. If he sees a bowl and a spoon waiting at the table, he starts to cry. If I take what's in the bowl (meat, veggies, rice, etc.) and put it on a plate with a fork, he runs right over to gobble it up.
And I know this list will only get longer as the toddler months continue! What weirdness are your toddlers displaying these days?


  1. Right now it is more about they way Ned and Penny say things. I can't believe you are 41 weeks! This seems just like a first pregnancy in that regards. Good luck and I'll be over with a meal as soon as you are up for visitors!

  2. I'm with Kristin, just let me know when you want/need dinners!! I was reading through Jackson's baby book the other day and found some funny stuff, that I completely forgot, so you're right about documenting this stuff! Most of the stuff was also funny sayings and word pronunciations. He was terrified of frogs and even pictures of frogs made him freak out, and he insisted on listening to "Sweet Caroline" every time we drove anywhere!

    Oh, I wanted to tell you... a friend of mine, who also had a previous c-section just went in to be induced yesterday at 41 weeks and when they checked her she was 3-4cm, so they broke her water and let her walk around and she delivered vaginally last night, with no pitocin!! Wishing Matteo a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, whenever he arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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