Monday, September 7, 2009

I know, I'm a bad blogger...

I haven't posted pics of the kids in a while and I haven't posted in almost a week. Sorry. I have one good excuse - my camera cord is in a fight with my computer and they are no longer speaking. So, I can't upload photos, photos which go with posts I plan to write, hence the writer's block.

In the meantime, a few things that don't require pictures. First, I've deflated! I'm am now the proud owner of one D-cup and one C-cup. I guess it's time to go bra shopping. In other personal news, I have 26 mosquito bites from our Saturday night cookout and am running dangerously low on Caladryl.

Second, I am doing my first-ever product review. This is 100% unsolicited but I'm doing it anyway. I have wanted to keep track of my favorite baby items for advice/gifts. So, this is the start to that. Anyway...the Kiddopotamus Bibbity Bib is the best bib ever. I am not sure what took me so long to get these as we have been overfeeding Lola for far too long. The idea is that they catch the food that baby drops/spits out. But the part that I love almost as much as the scoop is the material. Its like a thick, rubber plastic with a belt-like adjustable neck strap. So, the twins can't (yet! I hope...) pull them off, they will last a long time AND they are so easy to clean. I hosed them down after dinner and that was that. No scrubbing, no washing machine. Ahhhhh... :) I heart you, Mr. Bibbity Bib...

I will find a way to mediate this camera-laptop dispute and get you some updated pics. In the meantime, here's one of Billy with Colie, practicing her new favorite past time:


  1. Oh my, she is 100% her father! This is such an adorable picture!

  2. haha yesss they are totally twins! i love ittt :)


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