Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marathon for the Cure

On Sunday, my father, my brother and his girlfriend walked 26.2 miles to raise money for the Jimmy Fund. They walked the same course the Boston Marathon runners use, with it's infamous Heartbreak Hill. They finished with sore legs and aching feet, but they finished and I am so proud of them! And for a worthy cause near and dear to our hearts, as our mom is a cancer survivor. Here are some pics from the walk:

I love that Bettina still looks cute after half a marathon!

Sebastian's future in 56 years and 22 years, respectively.

Yes, my dad has a walking stick. But I say, if you are 57 years old and walking 26.2 miles, you're totally allowed.

Great job Dad, Nick and Bettina - you're awesome!!!


  1. Way to go!! It must have been such a good feeling to complete the marathon!

  2. I'm inspired. I guess I never thought about walking a marathon.

  3. I'm 23! But thanks for the acknowledgement!!


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