Monday, September 14, 2009

I took the plunge...

And purchased a 5th stroller. Yes, you read that correctly. My garage and car currently house 4 strollers: my BabyTrend Double Snap'n'Go, a hand-me-down Graco DuoGlider, a very used Maclaren Twin Rally and my beloved Schwinn Double Jogger.

Obviously, we have outgrown the double snap'n'go and I am just going to sell it. It's in pretty good condition since two of the 7 months we used it, I rarely left the house with the babies (winter + twin newborns + prematurity = lots of staying at home).

The Duoglider I hang on to because I have these special winter covers that only fit a 3 point harness and so they are on that stroller. I kept thinking I would use it come winter but who was I kidding, really? I tried it again the other day and now that I have big babies, the back twin reaches forward to scratch the head of the front twin. So, now I know I will never try that stroller again.

We bought the Maclaren for cheap because we figured, hey, Maclaren makes good strollers, right? Wrong. We thought it was fine when we picked it up but then we used it a couple of times and realized that it's a piece of crap, albeit a lightweight piece of crap. It can be pushed just fine on a very flat surface but still feels like it will break apart at any moment. Forget using it on a sidewalk, even just to go from store to store. It would be fine in a pinch, or for a grandparents' house, but my parents never take the babies without me so we really have no need for a crappy but usable stroller.

The Schwinn Jogger I use everyday, indoors and outdoors. Its really too big and heavy for mall/grocery store use and cannot fit into many stores. I need something smaller but something nice and reliable. Enter the Valco Ion 4 Two stroller. I have never seen this thing in person but I have heard only good things about Valco strollers. It's lighter than my Schwinn and folds up with one hand! I also think it looks really cool. So, I bought it. It must have been serendipitous because when I went to one of the sites that sells it (, they were having a 10% site-wide sale. Hurrah! So, I shelled out way too much money on a 5th stroller but at least I can say I got a deal. It will be brand new and shiny and smooth and all mine. Ahhhhhh... :)

Dammit - I just realized I already have 5 strollers! I have a single umbrella stroller and am in the market for a second single umbrella stroller, one for each twin. God, help me now.


  1. I am right there with you. I have a triple that was loaned to us, a single baby trend jogger and a single snap and go when we had 1 baby . We have a triple decker also then decided that we needed the Valco Tri mode since it had the toddler seat attachment for when Michael wanted to walk, since the triple decker became too unsteady balance wise when he was out of the stroller. We shelled out way too much on the Valco, but I love it. Side by side jogger with 2 up holders, a toddler seat with a shade. Crazy, but I met a family that said they had 7 strollers at one time!

  2. What is the best one for shopping in a store with tight manueverability? You haven't broken down into the singleton strollers but we have two singletons so sometimes we can divide the kids up and run errands separately.

  3. I've said it all along...there is no such thing as a perfect twin stroller! I said this 8 yrs ago when my choices were VERY limited! And then I found out with my singleton, there is no such thing as a perfect single stroller either! Happy Shopping and Strolling!

  4. Damn...that stroller does look cool!
    I have been reasonably happy with the BOB and a Maclaren triumph...between the two we cover most of the bases although we would be in the market for two singles!

  5. That stroller is HOT! You know that we also have the Schwinn, so how does this one compare as far as width and maneuverability? I barely can make it through a standard size door, and I do okay in larger dept stores in the mall, but not the smaller stores.

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