Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Recap

As our family grows and gets older, Billy and I are trying to build some traditions that will make our family-time even more memorable. I always nag him about his family traditions but they always involve going to their beach house and since we live in New England and don't have our own beach house, it's hard to recreate his childhood memories. Alas, we are stuck with mine.

So, Easter consisted of too much food (as any good holiday should), baskets filled with chocolate and toys, and eggs of all colors. Grammy and Grandpa provided the baskets - the kids loved the stuffed animals and preggo Mommy loved the chocolate. Saturday, we took advantage of the weather and dyed our eggs outside. Here are some of the highlights:


Colie, looking like a pro!

Sebas gets in on the action


Easter Sunday was pretty low key. Our idea was to start an Easter brunch tradition. But it ended up being just the four of us. So, we only had deviled eggs (from the dyed eggs, which tasted like vinegar because the kids cracked them as they dipped them) and stuffed french toast. Hopefully we will have some family over next year and I will put out a more impressive spread. I might even cook lamb. We'll see.

To make things seem somewhat festive, we dressed the kids in some super cute outfits they got ages ago. It's not often I have an excuse to put them in formal wear. It was totally worth it.

Super stylish Easter babies!

Sebastian is having a hard time sprouting a new tooth so he was a bit cranky - hence the binky. Other than that, we had a very lovely weekend.


  1. Very cute pictures! I was gong to dye eggs , but maybe next year!

  2. I had Cameron in a dress for a total of 2.5 hours...It's the first time she wasn't in pants in more than 6 months! Love the pictures.

  3. That looks fun, and I'm all about starting new traditions too. :) Although a beach house does sound nice....
    Happy Easter!

  4. Looks like they did a great job with he eggs!!! I think I would have been a little too nervous about the mess. Kudos to you!!!


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