Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Updates and Such

We had our second music class this week (well, third, but I forgot about the class last week. Isn't pregnancy lovely??) and things went MUCH better. I brought snacks and got there early. Except we ended up being on time because the class started at 930 not 945 - again, pregnancy brain. But still, things worked much better this time.

To be honest, the first time I was frazzled before class even started. The space is not handicap/stroller accessible and that put me in a very foul mood from the get-go. Kids pick up that stuff, ya know? Anyway, this time, I knew what to expect, my attitude was better, the kids didn't have low blood sugar and everyone was (mostly) happy. This class probably isn't the best music class out there so we might consider switching to a different one for the summer.


In baby news, I have a correction to make. I have been spelling my new son's name wrong. Billy and I discussed it and he won (sort of...) and our baby boy is Matteo. That's two Ts like his big sis. I prefer that spelling, too, but thought it would confuse his friends and family back home because in Spanish, it's just the one T. Two Ts is the Italian way to spell it. No Italian in our family, in case you were wondering. So, now you know how to engrave that Tiffany sterling silver rattle you've had your eye on. :)


  1. Will you be pronouncing it the Italian way. (Sorry, two years of Italian classes, and I can't help it. It drives waiters crazy when I pronounce bruschetta in Italian - brrrrrrrrooskettttttttta.)

  2. @Sadia: Haha! Well, despite many years of Spanish (and a semester in Spain) and three semesters of Italian, I will be pronouncing his name with a decidedly American accent. My husband, I'm sure, will pronounce it the Spanish way. Hehe. I do know how to pronounce it in Italian, though - does that count??? :)

  3. Either way, I love his name:)
    We did music together in the past and really loved it. It took a little getting used to, though. I remember being stressed out at how much help I needed form the other "strangers" in the class. But by the end of the session, you aren't strangers and all the kids wander around. These days my boys are so physical these days that the class is kind of a joke. I might as well sing to myself at home! Not to mention that it got really $$ for two kids....


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