Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Love This Age

Today, we had no plans. Just one of those days where there is no play date scheduled, no class, no EI, no special errands to run. But hey, it's no big deal these days. Lately, I feel like I don't need a plan. My kids are at that age where they can play at home or play outside and it's all good. This makes life seem so much easier than it was even a few months ago.

We went to a new park today that wasn't a huge hit with the kids but they still had a good time. When we got home, it was 11:20, still a while before lunch around noon. So, I opened the patio door and let them go outside if they wanted. They toddled on out while I racked my brain for lunch ideas. As I was preparing their food, I could hear them laughing up a storm outside. I stuck my head out to see what was going on: they were chasing each other around their little plastic house, playing peek-a-boo through the windows, opening and closing the french door. After 20 minutes (a substantial amount of time in Toddler World), I had to beg them to come inside and eat. It's amazing how much fun they have in the yard together doing a whole lot of nothing!

And for me, it's so freeing. I can see them from the window and the patio door. I can hear them easily if something goes wrong. The yard is fenced so I don't have to worry about any runaways. And I get to cook/clean/whatever while they have a blast. And when I'm done, they're happy for me to join them in their silly games. And I'm even happier to oblige. I know they won't be like this forever, sadly. This is one phase of childhood I will sorely miss once it's gone.


  1. I'm soooo jealous of your fenced lawn.

  2. I am jealous of the fenced in yard too! Sounds like your kids are having a blast. THis age is fun isn't it?

  3. Hooray! We have a fenced backyard too, but it's not well enough maintained for play.


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