Saturday, August 15, 2009

100th Post: Decisions, Decisions

I have decided to stop pumping. There. Variety of reasons but everyone is happy. So far. I have been pumping 5 times a day and today I will drop down to 4. Not sure how long it will take overall. If you have tips/advice/warnings, I'd gladly accept them.

And now I have to buy formula...hmmm...


  1. I have no tips, but wanted to say that if your ok with buying generic, try the Target brand Enfamil. You can buy 2 for the price of one..just a heads up! And congrats on making it this far with the pumping. I admire people like you. I gave up with my girls after 3 months. :(

  2. Happy 100th post! :-)

    A big pat on the back for your decision to stop pumping. I'm sure it wasn't an easy choice to make, but I'm also sure you made the right choice for all of you. I'm amazed you made it this far, well done!

  3. Congratulations with how well you've done! I know pumping can be a total drain. I dropped one session a week. I also cut back for each pumping session how long it was - so instead of 20 mins it was 10-15. Do pump if you feel engorged - especially since you are prone to mastitis. Good luck!

  4. It was a hard decision for me; I'm glad you've made it, and it sounds like you're good and ready! I found that tapering off avoided all engorgement issues; Melly weaned herself and I decided not to continue pumping.

    I hear cabbage leaves in your bra help reduce the milk production too. (This is advice from people I trust, including lactation consultants. Yeah, I thought it was weird.)


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