Monday, August 3, 2009

A not so fun first...

A rash, swollen foot and fever of 103 degrees landed little Miss Collette in the ER on Sunday afternoon. This is the first real illness (more than just sniffles) that we have had with either baby and we are lucky that it wasn't anything serious. Apparently, it's just a run-of-the-mill viral infection and will be all gone in a day or so.

I gotta say though, it was weird doing something (even if it was a trip to the ER) with just one kid. Billy stayed home with Sebastian while I packed up Colie. Of course, we don't have a single stroller, even though I have been advised to get one, just in case - should have listened to you, Mommy Esq.! The valet at the hospital took my car away once I got baby, stroller, purse and diaper bag out of the car. When I tried to put Collette in the stroller she screamed bloody murder so I had to carry her into the waiting room, while holding two bags and pushing an empty double stroller. I looked like such a fool.

But despite the weird looks I got for pushing the empty double stroller, no one paid us much attention. Not one person came up to me to comment on Collette, tell me how cute she is, ask me how old she is or how big she is. A mommy with her (one) baby daughter just isn't so interesting, I guess. A dime a dozen. This must be how it is for singleton moms when they go to the market or the mall. No one stopping them to repeat some cliche or bombarding them with questions. It surprised me at first but then it was kind of nice to not have worry about strangers and just focus on my kid.

Collette is fine and almost 100% back to normal. And she was nice enough to spare her brother - he only got a very slight fever and no rash or swelling.

All better! Just the anklet as evidence...


  1. Do they have any idea what caused the infection? Poor Collette, I'm so gald she is feeling better now.

    Being a singleton I don't get questions but I do gets lots of comments and touching. It's very sweet but sometimes I pull away a bit...I don't know where the strangers hands have been.

  2. Aw, poor baby girl! I'm glad she's feeling better!

    Do you want a free single umbrella stroller? It's not fancy or anything (not even a storage bag or sun shade), but it folds up to almost nothing and is easy to keep in the car or closet for events just like this. It's never even been used! (Somehow, I ended up with three umbrella strollers for my twins. I don't think I'll need that many for this singleton, so I'm happy to pass one along to you!)

  3. I'm glad it wasn't serious. We're ER aficionados!

    We never had a single stroller either, but I think that's mostly because my husband was away most of their stroller-age days.

  4. Glad she's okay now! ER visits are never fun :(

    We only got the single stroller once we had a single kid...carried the kid around if it was just one of them coming with me...I suppose if we made an effort to do more things with them one at a time, I would have done the two single stroller thing - but alas, we didn't. :)

  5. so glad to hear she's feeling better! maya got sick a little while back and I was a nervous wreck! it's so hard when they're miserable and can't verbalize what's really going on. hope all is well!

  6. omgggg i cant believe u didnt tell me! what is with our family and the ER on sundays? this can't become a trend. poor baby girl, im glad it wasnt anything too serious. xxoo

  7. Phew - no overnight stay I hope? We have two single strollers - we use them to divide up the kids and go on errands after naptime. I actually get more comments on the stroller usually than the kid whose in it (it's a Spider).

  8. So glad she is ok!
    Isn't it odd? I have taken just one twin with me on occassion and it's so odd to have no one bother me...

  9. i had no idea! i'm sorry and glad it is all done and gone! eek!


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