Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oops, I did it again

I think I have a communication problem. Again, I am putting my foot in my mouth when it comes to talking to singleton moms. Maybe it's not me, but I'm starting to think it must be. Here is what happened at the indoor play space yesterday.

Singleton mom: Did you walk here? (to me and my twin momma friend, in reference to our double strollers, mine a jogging one, hers not)

Me: No. (confused look on face)

Singleton mom: Oh. So, are those always here? (again, in reference to the strollers)

Me: Um, no. They're ours.

Singleton mom walked away. And that was that. Later, as we were packing up the babies and lifting our behemoth strollers over the gate to play room (of course, the stroller did not fit through the gate opening and we needed them for feeding...sigh...), I noticed an umbrella stroller next to the gate.

Me: Oh, Megan (my twin momma friend) - look how small this stroller is! (sigh longingly)

I turned back to the stroller and the same singleton mom was pulling it away. Great - it was hers...

Singleton mom: (gruffly with a tinge of defensiveness) Well, it may be small but it holds a lot. (dirty look)

Clearly, she did not understand that I was envious of her bite-size, feather weight stroller, perfect to fit one stroller bound child. She instead thought I was showing off with my big, fancy, can't-fit-through-aisles-or-baby-gates-and-takes-Herculean-strength-to-lift double stroller. Ya, you all want to be me - I know.

I guess I will just need to stop talking to singleton moms (except the ones I already know - love you guys!!). I am clearly speaking a foreign language...


  1. Yeah, I've unintentionally done something similar. I think sometimes singelton moms (not all, mind you) think we're all "Oh, look at me, look at me" when really are comments are more "wow, who knew strollers could be so manageable??"

  2. Hmmm, I probably get annoyed enough with the comments singleton moms make about twins to more than balance out whatever offense she took!

  3. I'm with Sadia, it's cosmic balance. :-)

    I totally know what you mean about the teeny stroller envy. Too bad singleton mom didn't get it.

  4. No, you did not put your foot in your mouth. She just has problems : ) Of course we all want luxe limo pimp my stroller strollers that weigh a zillion pounds, right? I was eying the single umbrella strollers at the store this weekend..drool.

  5. People are just strange...I was also thinking how nice it would be not to NEED your stroller right there for feedings!

  6. ummmm stroller envy? stroller attitude? am i really reading this?? speechless.

  7. LOL!! She was obviously very self-conscious about her itty bitty stroller ;)

  8. how about a video for thursday theater of sebas crawling????????? :):):)


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