Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Proud to be an American (almost...)

Billy got his green card yesterday! Hurrah!!

We had to go into Boston for the interview and, as is life, there was no shortage of hassle. You have to go through security to enter the building, much like an airport except they let you keep your shoes on. We had decided to bring the babies with us since we figured there is no better proof of our relationship than them. With the two of us, it wasn't too bad getting everything and everyone through.

Once we made our way to the appropriate room and Billy got in line, the fire alarm went off and the building went on lock down. Everyone was evacuated. As luck would have it, the exit next to us was no handicap accessible (read as: not stroller accessible) so I had to go all the to the other end (where we came in) and go out that way. After 15 minutes outside, on the hottest day of the year, they let us back in. Only now I was alone (Billy had to stay in line by the other exit) and had to carry two babies through security, while people stared at me like I nuts. In their defense, it would have been a little nutty to plan to do this alone.

The interview went well, the babies (mostly) behaved and the nice immigration officer approved Billy's green card request. So, he is now a resident. Not an American citizen but close. I'm thinking of making one of those American flag cakes. Billy may take offense, though, which kinda makes me want it even more.

Now we just have to get the babies their dual citizenship in El Salvador and we will be done with government forms and meetings and the like for many years.

PS - the woman who manned the desk at the immigration interview room looked exactly like the Crypt Keeper. No lie. And she acted like she might be part dead, too. Do you ever think that just maybe, certain people are simply unemployable? And that the government finds all those people and gives them jobs? I kinda feel bad for those government workers who are actually good at their jobs. These zombie people are totally giving them a bad rap.


  1. Congratulations, Billy! Sounds like a crazy day.

  2. Congrats! They actually let me skip the interview to get the "conditional" removed from my permanent residency. It was a good thing, too, since Lucas was in Iraq, and lugging the Doodles 3 hours each way to San Antonio didn't sound like fun. I think I even sent USCIS printouts of blog posts and the URL to our blog ... plus photos of the kiddos ... plus every bill known to man. I mean, seriously, Jessie looks JUST like her dad.

  3. Yeah! Congrats Billy!
    I remember the greencard interview. It was so silly we actually took out wedding photo album as proof. I felt like such a dork showing the officer (who could honestly care less) pictures of our happy day! I remember feeling really sorry for all the thousands of people whose files were stacked up the the ceiling haphazardly all around that office. Hell...maybe they're still waiting for their interviews!! Simon took the plunge this year and became a citizen (He and the boys can maintain dual citizenship with it really wasn't a huge decision...mostly psychological). I think he got ticked off at not being able to vote or maybe that his kids were citizens of the US...


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