Saturday, August 22, 2009

9 Months

Is it me, or does 9 months sound like a lot?? Maybe its because that's how long you're supposed to be pregnant, so now they're finally longer out than in? Although, my babies passed that mark over a month ago, but still. I guess anything at this point is going to seem like a big milestone, just getting us closer and closer to the one year mark.

This ninth month of life for Sebastian and Collette has meant introducing finger food, saying good-bye to many of their favorite toys (play mat, bouncy seats, bumbos...), new car seats and, most recently, mobility. We have brought in some new toys that have become favorites, most of which light up, make noise and involve a ball. Peek-a-boo is also a big hit, again, and thankfully does not require batteries. Just a willing adult.

Sebastian is crawling all over the place but this has not dampened his fussiness. He is starting to pull up and can get on his knees but not his feet just yet. He is still working on picking up small bits of food (mainly Cheerios and Rice Krispies) but gets easily frustrated when it doesn't result in actual eating. He much prefers bigger snacks like crackers and bagels.

Collette is all about the finer things. She LOVES to eat Cheerios and can grab one at a time and get them in her mouth, most of the time. The dog is still eating well, though. She wants to crawl but doesn't tolerate being on her belly for very long. She has been saying "mamamama" and "babababa" - not really words (says spell check) but getting close.

Happy 9 months, Collette and Sebastian.


  1. Happy 9 months birthday!

    9 months is a big deal. For us, I think it was that my girls stopped being the preemies who were so much smaller than everyone else. They were now the cute little twins, not the cute LITTLE twins.

  2. i love the pic of them together in the chair!! pretty soon they won't be able to fit together on it!

  3. They sound exactly like my kids (but it took us another 1.5 months to get where you are). Interesting that I've noticed boys are gross motor, girls are pre-language and fine motor.

  4. Happy .75 Birthday, kiddos!

    I loved nine months. And having one kid (in my case, Rebecca) crawling was quite a bit easier than two of 'em (Daniel didn't crawl until 10.5). :-)


  5. Nicole, they are so adorable. Happy 1st nine months "out" much more adventure ahead...and they look entirely game.

  6. Wow! Nine months already! Love their thighs and Colette's swath of dark hair. Super cute.

  7. They are so cute. Happy nine months, Colette and Sebastian!

  8. omg they look SOOOO big in the chair now!!! ahhhh i cant wait to see them shortly after their 10 month bday :):)


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