Saturday, October 10, 2009

One of Each

Having boy/girl twins, especially as your first children, is generally viewed as wonderful, lucky thing.  So many people tell me that they always wanted to boy/girl twins, then they'd be done!  Old ladies tell me how perfect it is to have one of each.  Experienced moms tell me how lucky I am not to have two boys, or two girls - their thinking being that boys fight too much and girls are catty?  I'm not sure but I get the comment a lot. 

Anyway, I do love having one of each.  But in our case, it goes a step beyong just gender.  We have one Soto and one Georgoulis, too.  Collette had her fathers face from day 1, there is no doubt about that.  But she is also a little salvadorena in the making.  I could give her a spread of all her favorite finger foods and the one she will grab first are the little red beans, a salvadoran staple.  She also likes cheese, which isn't in itself salvadoran but beans with cheese certainly is a "plato tipico," especially for breakfast.  And Billy is counting down the days until we can give her some ceviche.

Sebastian is a Georgoulis boy, through and through.  He doesn't look like me so much, but bears a strong resemblance to his uncle and grandfather.  He also has the Georgoulis temperament - total momma's boy.  It's better than it used to be but there's no denying he got the gene.  He is also a little flirt, which is another trait he must have inherited from my dad.  If things keep going this way, I will truly have my work cut out for me.

It's fun to see the two sides of their family play out differently in them.  And as they get older, I'm sure we will notice lots of new things, too, plus things that are theirs alone.

Besides looks, what do you notice in your kids that might be inherited?  


  1. Nicole, I love this post...I spend a lot of time even today thinking about which traits are genetic from which side and now that they are older the "Where in the WORLD did they get that?"

    The process does seem particularly fun with one of each. :) (I got--and still get---"One of each? Done in one fell swoop!" a lot!)

  2. What a beautiful insight.

    Jessica and Melody are identical twins, but Jessica has my husband's personality and outlook, while Melody has been. People also think Jess looks more like her father and Melody more like me. It's a little mind-blowing. It also makes parents a lot easier. My husband pointed out within the first four months of their lives that when he was trying to understand the girls, he'd think about how he would have reacted to understand Jess, and consider me to understand Mel. It still works at age 3.5

  3. Really makes you think! Genetics, nature vs nurture,looks vs personality. Really interesting when you think about your kids especially twins!


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