Monday, October 12, 2009

Twins' First Fair

This weekend, we took the nuggets to the Topsfield Fair - the oldest agricultural fair in America!  I went as a kid and the only thing I really remember was that I got to ride an elephant.  More recently, my father decided to become a vendor at the fair and has had a booth there for the past 3 years.  Last year, I got to work the fair with him while I was still preggo.  My giant, twin-gestating belly got lots of people to our tattoo booth.  Writing that makes me realize how white trash it sounds...pregnant girl gives people tattoos at county fair.  They were temporary tattoos - does that make it sound better??

This year I was dismissed from tattooing duties now that the babies are out of the womb and require a lot more work.  But we had to visit Grammy and Grampa so we made the trek up on Saturday with Auntie Kim and her friends Geneva and Brandy.  We didn't have too much time to explore, what with driving there, feeding them lunch and getting an afternoon nap in.  But we introduced the twins to their first taste of fair food.  We had some pork ribs that were so soft we just broke off pieces and fed them right to the kids.  And they LOVED it!  We have some serious carnivores on our hands.  Here are some pics of them enjoying goodness:

Collette, mid chew

Sebastian, savoring the flavor

We also got to show the babies some real live animals - mostly just cows and goats.  The line to get in the pig barn was a mile long (why???) and the chicken barn was too crowded and the aisles were a bit narrow for us and the Schwinn stroller.  Not sure if they really understood that they were looking at animals.  The cows didn't move much and the goats were pretty calm and quiet too.  But all in all, we had fun, enjoyed the nice weather and tasty food.  I still have some pumpkin fudge so I'm doing alright.  Also got to buy some very local honey!  Next year will be even more fun when we can take them on some rides and let them play games.  And, of course, get tattoos from Grampa.  I'm thinking skull and cross bones.


  1. Wow what fun! Its so great to introduce the kids to fun activities like fairs and get to see their reaction to whats going on around them.

  2. I love going to fairs and carnivals and whatnot. The only draw back is the expensive.


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