Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top Toys that DON"T Make Noise

I have never seen an episode of Dora the Explorer and I already want to murder her.  You see, one of the ride-on/walker toys I bought for the twins at the Twin Moms tag sale happened to be a Dora toy.  Which means it sings irritating songs with a bad Latino flare, features very annoying Dora sayings and is, of course, adored by my children.  Unfortunately for me, this is just one of many toys that light up and make awful noises.  Most of their favorites play some sort of music or sound - and they can't get enough!  Meanwhile, I am ready to decapitate fictional cartoon explorers.

So, here is my list of our favorite toys that DO NOT make noise and therefore will probably not drive any of us bonkers.  In no particular order:

  1. Tunnel
  2. Ball Pit
  3. Stacking Cups
  4. Melissa and Doug Puzzles
  5. Water Bucket with floating toys
  6. Stacking rings
  7. Animal figurines
  8. Foam Letters


  1. Tunnels are great. I still try to limit our "noise" toys. In fact DH and I have been known to remove the batteries and say "oh no we don't have any more batteries!" They'll still play with the toys even without noise, which is fine. Now if I could just get my mother in law on the same page... she has started bringing over replacement batteries LOL!

  2. Thanks for posting this. It's always good to get new ideas for toys especially with Christmas fast approaching and their birthdays 1 month later.

  3. Great list! I think I'm visiting here via Twinfatuation. I am a twin, but don't have them. Instead, I had my three children in just over three years.

    Anyways, as they get older, blocks of all varieties are appreciated. So are dolls that DON'T cry. (As if we needed any more of that around here!)

  4. you're a poet and you didn't even know it!


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