Thursday, October 29, 2009

Operation Sippy Cup: Week 1

I think I titled this wrong but I don't want to jinx myself.  I was temtped to title this "Operation Sippy Cup:  Complete" because they have been doing so well with it.  The first day, Collette cried but since then, we really haven't looked back.  As of yesterday, we are down to just 2 bottles a day (wake up and bedtime) and they get their milk (formula) sippies when they wake up from naps as a "snack." 

I do think it will be a challenge to have them only drink milk at meals, as some people have suggested.  To me, if it's a snack that I just will replace with something else (like Goldfish or Graham Crackers) I would rather them drink milk.  But they are still young and I won't worry about that too much just yet.  I have a feeling that once we switch to cow's milk, they will be drinking less anyway. 

One more question for you all out there - how many sippy cups (per kid) do you have?  Right now, I have 3 different ones and it's clear that they have a favorite.  I need to go buy more of those so I wonder how many I should invest in...


  1. I had 6 sippy cups per child, washed nightly. Two for morning milk, two for evening milk, two for all-day water, washed nightly. We used lots of different ones, but these Gerber ones are the ones that have lasted and been loved: It's been two and a half years, and the lids are starting to crack. We only have three left, which is fine now that the Bugs can use open cups and sports bottles.

    If you want to have a night without dishes, get more. If you do juice, get more. If you go out a lot and sometimes lose stuff, get more.

  2. I bought 3 packs of the take and toss- dishwasher safe and always enough during the day. You have to stick the straws on a prong on your top rack INSIDE a basket (we use baskets for the lids too and for nipples, etc.).

  3. how about a pic of them drinking out of the sippy cup for their proud auntie on the west coast?!!??

  4. We just started thinking about introducing a sippy to my 7 month old. He gets really excited when I bring it out - all smiles, then he just chewes on it. Any particular brand that's the best to start with? We started with Gerber's "beginner" but the darn thing is so hard to screw on. Any suggestions?

  5. We use these Playtex ones for water:

  6. Rebecca, Nuby has some fantastic starter cups, with soft spouts that worked really well for the bottle/breast to cup transition.


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