Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 Months Old!

Yesterday, the twins turned 4 months old and I really can't believe it has been that long. I remember reading in the books that by 4 months they will start sleeping through the night and feeling like it felt so far away. But here we are and, lo and behold, they are almost sleeping through the night. They've done it a few times and, when they do wake in the night to eat, its usually 4 or 5am instead 2 or 3 am. Which means I can start going to bed at a normal hour and still function the next day. Sweet.

We celebrated the day in a few special ways. I got highlights to add to my Rachel hairdo. Gay Guile, my hairdresser, did a great job so I guess he's a keeper. He was also doing 5 other girls' hair at the same time - the guy has chops. Two of the women he had in the salon were getting their hair done for a cruise. I thought he meant a booze cruise. Wrong. They were getting their hair styled, blown out, hair sprayed, etc. for a Royal Carribbean Cruise. The next day. Leaving from Miami. Is that normal - to get your hair styled before you get on a plane for a week-long cruise in the always-humid Carribbean? He told me they were "richies" - I guess that's just what richies do...
Anyway, the babies celebrated by being babies. Sebastian was cranky in the afternoon while we had an out-of-town visitor (nice first impression, Sebastian!) and decided he would need a fourth nap. Collette had a normal day but has apparently learned what being in the bathroom and hearing running water means - bath time. She hates bath time. She was hysterical before I even got her onesie off. Awesome.

We also attempted the chair picture and got some good ones of Collette but Sebastian would not cooperate. We tried again when he woke up from one his many naps but, by then, my camera battery had died. So, technically, his 4 month chair picture is a day late. I doubt it will matter to him but I will always know. Hmph.

(Sebastian, 4 months, 1day old - decidely happier than the day before)

As far as growth and development are concerned, things are going well. They are becoming more and more social and aware. They look at faces more and laugh when we smile or makes silly faces. They are getting a bit of stranger anxiety - mostly just with my mom. Sorry, Mom!

They turn their heads to see the tv. The Today Show is their favorite. Except Matt Lauer - they think he sucks. Right on, babies, right on.

The cause and effect thing is beoming big with them, too. They are big into kicking and making something light up. Thank goodness for bouncy seats and playmats. I honestly do not know what I would do without them.

We are still swaddling and I'm not sure when we will give it up. I know that when the time comes, we wil do CIO but I'm not yet sure when the right time will be. I've heard from other moms that its takes 3-4 nights for babies to get the hang of it. Unfortunately, Billy is only home 3 nights at a time and I'm a bit nervous to do it without him. We'll see, though. They still fit in the Uber-Swaddle Sack, so I'm happy to keep things as they are. And 4 months is still young. I don't want to rush them. :)

Four months in a nutshell. I think I may just be getting the hang of this mom thing...


  1. I would say 5 months is fine for little twins on CIO (so only one month left!) but did start CIO for naps around their age now. Four naps seems a bit much - 3 is more typical (although if they are only napping 45 mins I could see 4 naps- but that is what CIO should help with). I promise at 4 months it turned into a whole new world with the kids - more sleep for you, more activities and fun for them (and you). Good luck!

  2. P.S. Start food now if your pediatrician is on board - we started at 4 months and I know your kids eat enough in the bottles to be up for it. Email me with any questions -

  3. Hi, I have the same problem on the reading list or dashboard not being updated, have u solved your problem? How do u solve it? Thanks!

  4. Yea to 4 months! Ours will celebrate that on Thursday. Ours go down at night no problem, but we are now trying to set-up a better nap schedule --lightly swaddled with Ava in the PnP and Colin in the crib since they nap at staggered times it seems. How many feedings are you down to per day? We're at 5 and so they do take 4 naps with the last one being very short and not planned, they usually just fall asleep in our arms or in the mighty bouncy chair.

  5. thanks for the follow! I can't imagine being in your shoes! :)

  6. Hey. I have TWINS they are fraternal boys. I LOOOOVE IT! They will be 5 Wednesday!

  7. Cute baby pics! I would love to have twins. I'm sure it keeps you on your toes. Breelyn is almost 4 months old and she acts like she is ready for rice cereal. Have you started them on rice yet? (aka Butterfly Kisses)


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