Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'd rather be...

Doing anything else. I'd rather...

I'd rather...

Or even...

I'd rather do ANYTHING other than this (cue the Pyscho music):

This is the only bad thing about our upcoming vacation. And there is NO WAY I'm getting in a bikini. I can only imagine the wonderful selection of one-pieces they'll have. Bleh. I'm gonna be the only twenty-something loser in the Carribbean in a one-piece. I can't even wear a tankini because feeding these babies has made me a bit bustier than usual and those tops don't come in a "lactating mother" size. Or a "lactating mother with flabby stomach and Gumby ass" size either. And I doubt Glamour has identified this as a body type for their swimsuit issue. Hmm...

Wish me luck!


  1. Actually, Land's End has some nice suit including two piece tankini suits with very large cup sizes. You can order them online and return anything that doesn't fit to the local Sear's store. They have a tiny selection in the local Sears, but I found a suit I really like at one of the local stores. L.L. Bean also has suits that come in different cup sizes and there's a fairly local retail store where you could try the suits or make returns if you order online. Good luck!!!

  2. I found some really really cute tankinis at specialty swim stores in my ritzy mall! With 34DD, I got a halter tankini with a bottom that was a cute little skirt. Much better than a plain boring one piece!

  3. they have pretty sexy one pieces these days...seriously- look here!


    you should consider yourself lucky bc one pieces are actually in style now! hehe

  4. Why not? I had twins, and I look like a WHALE, trust me. But you can find those cute two peices, that are like shorts for the bottom and a tankini on the top. Show off what you have. You are a mother and they aren't that old yet.. you have plenty of time. Shoot, the twins are 5 today and I still use them as my excuse, lol!

  5. Im sure you will look great strutting your stuff at the beach! At least your OB didn't give you a refferal for a tummy tuck at your six week visit like mine did (without me asking)!

  6. Okay - so ... I've SEEN you in person, and uhm. you need to shoosh :P You'd rock a bikini right now. :)

    Not that your tummy is huge, but with the nursing boobs, no one would be looking there anyway ;)

  7. I hear you! But I agree, if you're gonna be on the beach, flaunt what you do have up top there.

  8. I hear ya!! I'm not too happy with how I look these days either.

    LOL! And the verification word just happens to be: CONES!! hehehe


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