Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Theater: Newborn Yoga

The Goddess in Progress is hosting Thursday Theater for the first time this Thursday and Sebastian would like to get in on the action. (Collette - you'll have to wait until next week for your video debut!) This video is old but is in keeping with the "playing" theme for this week. My kids don't "play" that much, what with the gross motor skills of 3-month olds, so it's slim pickin's. However, I think this video is pretty impressive, especially considering the fact that little Sebastian is just 3 weeks old!! (and I'm his mother so I think everything he does is impressive)

note: for the yoga enthusiasts out there, this is the "Locust Pose" and, for a grown up, its wicked hard to do (I tried - no dice). Oh, to be 6 lbs again...


  1. Oh, those scrawny little newborn legs!! Wowza, that was a heck of a pose! :-) Thanks for playing along!

  2. How absolutely adorable! I always wanted to have twins but never did and I'm done trying 4 is enough!

  3. Such little nimble limbs! Adorable!

  4. ha i love that video! didn't know it existed. and boy do i have to brush up on my understanding of spanish.

    nice commentary billy!

    His legs were so tiny back then...

  5. this is my fav video!!! he is so impressive. they always talk about in yoga how we are born w/that kind of flexibility/strength- totally true!! im so proud of my little yogi nephew :) when im home next we're totally practicing together!!!


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