Thursday, March 12, 2009

All the Way There!

I will be joining Thursday Theater later today but, first, I had to quickly share some awesome news. Well, little Sebastian, not to be outdone by his sister, slept through the night!! Hurrah!

The even better news is that Collette did, too! I got the night off...almost :) I was rudely awakened by the shuffling of a pug under the covers. I guess she decided that 4:15am is a good time to go pee and then eat breakfast. Grr. Stupid dog. SarcasticMom had the idea of microwaving her dog, so I would watch out if I were you, Lola. You might not fit in the microwave but now that I'm inspired, I'm pretty sure I could squeeze you into the crock pot.

Of course, I'm joking. How could you get mad at this face?

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  1. Haha! We know how it is...we have 2 cats (1 very loud one) who insist on crying outside our door starting at 5am. Ugh. On our front, Ava slept through the night again, but Colin woke at 4:15 crying, which is fine b/c I had to pump, but then I had to settle him twice more. And then one of the cats decided he wanted attention too so he puked. At least it wasn't on a rug!


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