Saturday, March 7, 2009


Tonight, I get to take the mommy hat off for a few hours and have an adult evening, drinking adult beverages with other adults. Glorious.

This all happens in about an hour from now and the kids still need to be fed and rocked and swaddled and put to bed. I still need to make myself look human (thank you cosmetics industry). Thankfully I have a no-charge babysitter coming over, aka Grammy, so I will have at least half an hour to de-puke myself and slap on some mascara.

Now, I just need to pick my poison...I've narrowed it down to Sauvignon Blanc, French Martini, Magners or maybe something with Bailey's in it.
Here's Billy and me, pre-twins, enjoying Mimosas all afternoon long...those were the days.


  1. Wohoo, Adult Beverages! We're considering that for next week... I'm so ready. :-)

    Have fun!

  2. Your husband is gorgeous! I loved the video - I used to speak Spanish fluently (semester in Argentina and Barcelona). Maybe we could do a double-date some time?

  3. It's nice to have the Grandparents around for that isn't it? I know you will have fun. Drink some for me. Found you on Twinfatuation for the Makes My Monday theme. Have a great week. Oh and I'm with Mommy, Esq....your husband is gorgeous and so are you. You won't need to much makeup to help you along.

  4. ps...your twins are sooo adorable.


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