Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Way Back When-esday: Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, so Memorial Day was only two days ago but that counts, right? I didn't have my act together enough to post about this on Monday or Tuesday so here it is, along with pics I high jacked from FavAuntie's Facebook page. Thanks FavAuntie!!

We stayed put for holiday weekend and put up FavAuntie at our house - she was in for the weekend from San Diego. Again. She just can't get enough of these babies! Our big plan for the weekend was to attend my aunt's annual Memorial Day cookout on Sunday. Usually, this cookout lasts well past dinnertime and turns into a family game night. Of course we could not stay long because the twins have bedtime and I would never disturb their bedtime for ANYTHING!! Not a holiday, not a vacation, not the Pope. Nothing.

So, we figured we could get their early and spend a decent amount of time with the fam and eat lots and lots of meat. This meant that nap #2 was in the car. That was mistake #1. We brought the travel cribs thinking they would need a nap while we were there. Mistake #2. Needless to say, the outing was something between a complete disaster and a partial failure. I was a bit embarrassed at how badly they "behaved" because I kept getting looks from well-meaning family members like "What the hell is wrong with you? Why are your kids crying non-stop??" If nothing else, it was a learning experience. Take-aways:

1. NEVER skip nap #2. Ever. Dumbass.
2. When not at home, babies will nap better in the car seat than in the pack'n'play. For now, at least.
3. Instead of pack'n'play, bring "toys" like bouncy chairs, bumbo seats, boppies, etc. Of course, not sure how long they will be using these either but they are easier to bring than the pack'n'plays.

Next time, we might also try to do their "dinner" there so we can stay a bit longer but still be home for bedtime. That'll be for the 4th of July so we'll see how cookout #2 goes. Better, I hope!

The long weekend wasn't a total loss, though. It was so great to have FavAuntie here and Billy was home, too, so I had LOTS of extra help. Hallelujah!

FavAuntie with Sebastian, wearing his very fisrt baseball cap.

Colie (post-meltdown) giving Grammy and the camera a little smile!

Lola, begging Grampa for Cheetos. Bad pug!

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  1. Nothing like babies for being unpredictable. Such a day by day learning experience. In fact come to think of it teens are not much different.

  2. I usually try to travel during nap #1 and have stationary nap #2 in a quiet dark room (separated if possible). We skipped nap #2 yesterday (or it was 30 mins on the plane) and it was a disaster.

  3. yayyyy i totally beat kim here :)

  4. Kids are unpredictable. I remember those days with my twins.

    Visiting your blog from Twinfatuation.

    I also going to follow your blog.

  5. It is amazing what the smallest change in routine can do to the kidlets. You don't need me to tell you this, but they are both gorgeous! Thanks for following my blog!


  6. Oh it bad to admit I want to have a daily nap?!?! ;)

    Love the pictures of your cuties.

    Happy Way Back When-esday...thank you for playing along!

  7. awww, poor babes. That age is such a hard one to travel with! I remember meeting up with a bunch of twin mamas and their twins for a weekend away when all of our babies were that age and there were A LOT of crying babies then. :)

  8. cute! great pics! you have a beautiful family.
    thanks for sharing!


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