Thursday, December 10, 2009

H1N1 Bullshit

I am so pissed about this H1N1 vaccine crap. This whole idea that they are only giving it to "high risk" groups is such a crock of shit.

Yesterday, my aunt posted on FB that she got the vaccine. I was a bit surprised because she is not in any remotely high risk group. She is actually the least likely to get this virus and even less likely to get seriously/fatally ill from it. I asked her how she got it and she said "at work." And guess what: she works for the IRS. Yes, our lovely government, parading their statements that only at risk groups will get the vaccine, are handing it out to everyone at the IRS. And, if I had to guess, other government establishments.

But, last week, when I was at my pediatrician's office, they didn't have any vaccines. For my 2 12-month olds. They said, "Oh just call back every week. We'll get some eventually." WTF??!! I called back this morning and they said they'll have some next week, and made me an appointment for December 16th. So, yes, they are getting it. But I think it's ridiculous that I have to call and beg and wait while they are just SO stockpiled at government offices that they are giving it to low-risk people. It makes my blood boil.

Has anyone else encountered this? I know a lot of people had their kids vaccinated a while ago and, from people I know, they also had to jump through many hoops to get it.


  1. I had a really hard time getting the seasonal flu for my kids. That reminds me - we still need shot #2 for seasonal and H1N1. I heard the shortage is over so it must be the MA pediatric distribution network - I got one no problem at my OB.

  2. I think in general it isn't in as low supply as the weeks roll just isn't that evenly distributed. For instance I hear the city of Boston has loads for their public health flu clinics...but they are not that well attended. But before you get too fired up...keep in mind...that the vaccine the pedi gets for the kiddos is a different dose than what the IRS is stockpiling.

  3. I agree with Just Kristen - the peds are stocking the thimersol free vaccine which is much harder to come by. The restrictions are also state by state. My state (NC) just released the restrictions on only serving priority groups this week! So Jon and I are heading to a county clinic tomorrow to get shots for us.

    But yeah, I got pretty pissed when it was truly in short supply and I found out places like Goldman had them for employees. Really, my friends with asthmatic children can't get them but CEOs can? This entire vaccination has been a DEBACLE!

  4. Oddly I was able to get the shot before my 8 month old because my primary care physician happened to have some doses on hand but didn't have a big pediatric practice. But my daughter's pediatric clinic did't get any doses for two more weeks. Very, very odd. I would think that they would have prioritized giving it to peditricians. Plus the county school system distributed shots but again they would miss the 0-6 year olds that really need it. As Laura mentioned NC has started getting a lot more doses so restrictions have been lifted here. Still need to get the booster shot for Cameron but I'm hoping that her pediatrian has it at her 9 month appointment next week.

  5. I think the towns are doing some clinics---and I know that winchester hospital is doing some this week or next week for their patients. It was posted at my kids' school. Maybe check those two places as it may be faster to do it that way.

    My kids (2.5) are actually getting their booster today. We got the first one end of October. I think it varies by pedi office--mine had huge clinics, aimed at the under four (and pregnant) first.

    Good luck! I hear the availability is on the rise. In fact, it seems to vary state by state--in MD, it is now open to everyone, not just high risk. They seem a couple of weeks ahead of us.

  6. @Just Kristen and @laura - Ya, that's true about it being a different vaccine. But then what I don't understand, being the lay person I am, is why they didn't make more thimersol-free vaccines if they serve one of the highest risk groups? It's just makes me think that this can't be as big a deal as they make it out to be if it's so hard for me to get and so easy for others.

  7. I totally agree with you. My twins are in a semi high risk group since they were 1 month early and had RSV and were intubated when they were just weeks old, placing them at higher risk for any respiratory issue. My daughter has already been at Children's ER with a respiratory issue and had a nebulizer treatment and has an inhaler if something happens again. I called for the second dose of their seasonal flu and asked about H1N1 and they still don't have it. Wakefield is having a clinic this Sat and we may try to go. It shouldn't be so hard to get if it were so important!

  8. The whole situation is ridiculously frustrating. I was able to get mine, since I work in OB/Gyn and my kids did as well, since our pediatricians office did have a supply. I know many people who really need it and haven't had luck finding it, as well as many who received it before others at a true risk were able to :(

  9. We were lucky. The day I called our pediatrician to ask about the H1N1 vaccine, they had just gotten a shipment and were preparing to do a clinic. We were able to get an appointment for the shots before the clinic, and it was all very quick and easy. However, we have not been able to get the boosters yet. I recently called the pediatrician to see when we could make an appointment for the boosters and he said he didn't know because they are waiting for all patients to get the first dose before giving anyone a second dose.

    As for myself, I haven't even been able to get the seasonal flu vaccine (my kids got it at their 18 month well visit) and haven't heard much about where to get an H1N1 since I'm definitely not high risk. I was a bit panicked at first, but eventually had to let it go. I mean, what can you do? So, as we wait, we're just playing it safe. Lots and lots and lots of hand washing...

  10. Ugh, yes. It all totally depends on where you are in the country. My pediatrician was informed that they're not getting it at all. My work (a state university) had limited clinics, but they weren't available to dependents, even those who attend the university-run daycare center.

    We went to the county clinic, and they hooked us up, as you may have read. Now to schedule dose number two ...

  11. I was able to just get one for Logan (age 2), but the SAME pediatricians office wouldn't schedule Burke and Maggie (almost 5). WTH?? And Logan's the only one who has gotten the flu shot as well because he happened to get one at his 2-year-old appointment. None of the rest of us have had the chance. The whole thing just sucks. :P

  12. HI,
    I do not know you so please excuse me making a comment. However ever you get the vaccine make sure you get it and all have it.
    I had H1N1 twice last winter and its like being hit by a bus (twice).
    It killed off my immune system and now I get absolutely everything going around.
    Get the regular flu vaccine as well. Ring around and see who has the vaccine and then travel there.
    If your twinies get any symptoms especially fever then take them directly to a hospital. Many people think its a cold but trust me when its day four and you can't get out of bed no matter what its too late for TamiFlu, hope you get the vax soon and please excuse the barge on your blog from me, cheers, Kathryn (in Australia).

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  14. Hi Nicole~

    Unrelated to this post...I was wondering what brand of sippy cups for formula/milk worked best for your twins when you switched over. My babes are starting to resist the bottle now, so it's time to start the transition. They use the Playtex trainers for water already, but I'm not sure they can get the milk out quick enough.


  15. seriously... people don't take the swine flu vaccine, you'll know what i'm talking about a few months from now

  16. My mother has lung disease. ANY cold or flu could kill her, but she was warned to avoid this one in particular since it attacks the lungs. No local clinic or pharmacy would give it to her for weeks. Why? She is 68 and they would not give it to anyone over 4 at first. Then they said, no healthy person betweeen 24 and 64 could get it. We finally found a pharmacist who would give it to her based on her condition, but I could not believe they were refusing to give it to her. After weeks of calling clinics and begging we managed to get one for my mom, one for me (I have asthma, so was able to get it before my mom or my baby), and one for my baby. Still none for my husband, who works in a perfect petri dish environment.


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