Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One, for better or worse

Sunday we finally made the switch to one nap. I have been gearing up for this big transition and when I looked at the weather forecast I decided that this should be the week! I'm not sure how I will do once the sunshine disappears but for now, things are going pretty well.

To my surprise, the kids don't seem really tired. They will fall asleep in the car, given the opportunity, but out and about, they are full of energy. Even after lunch (at home, so I can get them down for nap quickly), they seem ready to play. Also, their one nap isn't as long as I'd like it be. I've been putting them down at 1230 and they never make it until 3. They are gabbing away usually by 230. I make them stay in their cribs until 3 but it seems like they should sleep more. Or is that just wishful thinking? I'm wondering if it's a timing thing - maybe I'm not putting them down at the exact moment they need to nap so they don't sleep as well as they might.

Anyway, we are a one nap household now. At least until Tater Tot makes his debut. Then all this order goes right out the window!


  1. I suspect that they will lengthen it with time. They're just not used to sleeping that long yet at that time. Although 2 hours is pretty good - that is our target time most days so who knows? I would say that if they're waking up happy all is well. Are they making it to bed time okay?

  2. They make it to bed time pretty easily. there is some eye-rubbing a little earlier than usual but otherwise, completely the same as before. Hopefully they just have to get used to it.

  3. We only ever get two hours. I hear other moms talk about the three hour naps and I usually turn green with jealousy. But...I guess a predictable two hour nap is better than some, too! (I don't worry about overall sleep since we put them down pretty early 6:30-7ish and they go through till at least 7 AM although I am always trying to push them to 8 AM ;)

  4. I also don't go in until at least 3. Mine go down between 12:45 and 1pm. They've been known to sleep until 3:30, but if they happen to wake up early, I won't go in until 3pm. They're usually fine just playing in their cribs, so I don't feel too bad about it.


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