Monday, May 24, 2010

18 Months

Sebastian and Collette are officially closer to two than one. I think this is a mixed bag but, overall, I wouldn't want to go back. I keep hearing how tough 18 months is. And I agree. I love the freedom and independence they have now, as well as their growing ability to communicate their needs but they, of course, have no sense of danger or consequence. This makes willful, mobile kids hard to deal with - there's just no reasoning with them! Only chasing, capturing and strapping them into some child device. This also has me thinking about buying a stroller to fit all three kids. If I do go that route, I will buy this one. I figure the extra seat can be used to store stuff. Maybe I will put the dog in there and get some really crazy looks. :)

Lately, we have been practicing using utensils and walking downstairs. Utensils we have been doing for awhile but now I think I am ready to force them to do it themselves 100%. Or use their hands. I'm sure it will take some time for them to grow out of that. Usually I fill up their spoon and put it in front of them as scooping is their main problem. But I figure they will learn fast if they have no mommy doing it for them.

Collette will only walk downstairs now, as opposed to crawling down. We have to hold her hand but she is getting very good at it and soon I think she will be able to do it herself while holding the wall. Sebastian is practicing but not with nearly as much gusto as Collette. He prefers to practice on smaller sets of stairs and crawl down the big ones.

Here is our attempt at a chair picture, which we have decided to do every half year instead of every month. They don't change too much each month and they don't sit still anyway.

Also, what is with this age and throwing stuff where they can't reach it and then crying about it? And then doing it twelve more times in a row? It's super annoying, times 2. Good thing they're cute.


  1. That is a fun and challenging age! I loved the new found independence, but it also made me nervous! Ugh, the constant throwing was barely tolerable with one, so I am not looking forward to that at all. I loved 2! I know some people say it's the worst, but we has a great 2 year old... 3, not so much!

  2. It's a really challenging age. You don't want me to say anything about it right now after the last 3 days with Ned. I hear the back half of every year is tough - at least that is proving true with my little tantrumer.

  3. I love the chair photo together!

  4. OMG, the dog in the stroller. YOU CRACK ME UP!!

  5. Wow! That is a serious looking stroller! If you do put the dog in too, be sure to get a picture. :o)

    And the throwing stuff out of reach and then crying about it is still going on at our house. However, now when one has something the other one wants, he/she will throw it over a gate just so the other one can't have it. The fun never ends...


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