Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Father's Day Project

For Father's Day this year, I figured the kids should make their own father's day gifts now that they have some motor skills. Finger painting seemed as good an idea as any and I was lucky enough to have Auntie Kim over yesterday to help out. Both Sebastian and Collette enjoyed this new activity in their own way, both staying true to their budding personalities.

"You want me to get my fingers dirty??"

"Yay! I'm making a colorful mess and no one is yelling at me!"

"OK, I'm liking this but I'll just use my fingertips."

"This paint feels so gooey ALL OVER MY HANDS!!!"

This is definitely a project we will have to repeat. They were pissed when I took the paints away but bedtime was calling and the paper was getting pretty soaked and I feared for my dining room table.

Any other "mediums" you suggest for 18 month old artists?? We tried stickers but, apparently, they look too much like snacks. Ditto for crayons.


  1. We like Dot Pens. I do not recommend anything with stamps and/or stamp pads.

  2. I just bought finger paints yesterday and am panning on trying homemade playdough too. Let me know if you get any good ideas! I am so interested in having my kids get crafty as young as possible.

  3. Awesome pics! I love how different their personalities are already. Bath tub soap paints are great - they can make all the mess they want and it all washes wight down the drain. Do NOT try Moon Sand. Ever.

  4. At that age, double-sided tape was my friend. I'd cut shapes out of construction paper, set up a grid of double-sided tape on another sheet, and let my girls stick the shapes on the paper to their hearts' content. Paint chip pairs (free from Home Depot or Lowes) also make for a great matching game.

  5. I let my kids help me paint a real wall once, but I don't really suggest that one.


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