Friday, February 27, 2009

When bangs were cool...

Here is my Friday-Foto Finish Fiesta and, in keeping with this week's theme, I found an old, embarrassing picture of me...drum roll please...

I'm the one on the right; my sister is the birthday girl. I chose this picture for two reasons:

  1. May I never dress my own kids in such geeky clothes and may I never give my daughter such hideous bangs. Mom - I forgive you.
  2. After seeing this picture of my sister, I think I see a little bit of her in my Sebastian. He's getting those Greek genes - her big, round eyes (not like my squinty ones...) and her olive skin tone. Did she secretly carry and birth this child???

Happy Friday everyone!! :)


  1. LOL..well at least your bangs were straight. My mom would cut ours..and they'd be crooked.

  2. I can so relate with the bangs! What were our moms thinking? I'm sure Maya and Collette will have something to complain about though. I would love to join your playgroup...just let me know the details :) By the way the twins look fabulous!

  3. i'd be honored to have sebas look like me!! haha & luckily i didn't stay SOOO awkward looking as i grew up (still kind of awkward, but not so bad) so surely he will be an incredibly handsome Grecian man! xooxooxox

  4. It is always fun to look back and laugh at ourselves...Your kids will too someday, it is inevitable.

  5. When I saw this photo I knew it was you on the right (you look the same except better hair of course) but man, you and your sister sure do look alike.

  6. you look really cute! bangs and all...


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