Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silver Lining

In case you didn't know, New England is getting it's ass handed to it by Mother Nature this winter. I know lots of people who love the snow but most of them own skis and have no small children. For the Soto familia, the snow and cold is just one big PITA. Driving sucks, getting dressed for outings is like launching a military operation and the stomach bugs are cycling their way through every house. Ours has been no exception.

The weekend before last we we're hit with the 5-day bug. Sebastian got it first, then Collette, then me. The laundry was never ending and I have now seen every episode ever of Caillou.

Although being sick and taking care of pukey, poopy kids really bites, there was one BIG silver lining for me.

As I was tucking Colie in after yet another nighttime puke and clean up, I told her I loved her and, like it was the most normal thing in the world, she said " Love you, mommy.". That was the first time she ever said that - a moment of vulnerability she doesn't usually show when she is healthy.

It totally made this miserable weather and sickness worth it.

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