Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Embracing the domestic goddess within

During a hop around the blogosphere, I stumbled upon a blog that focused mostly on crafts and things of that sort. This isn't usually my thing but I think I linked there because this one post had something to do with cooking. Much more my thing. I would link you there, too, but for the life of me cannot find my way back.

Anyway, her post was all about making a monthly menu board. This project was more about the creating the board than it was about the planning/cooking aspect but she did touch on that. And, because I believe everything I read, I decided that I should also start planning my meals one month at a time. Her board was so pretty, it made me sad that I didn't have one. But the process seemed REALLY involved so I settled for a magnetic white board calendar from Target. For now, its not so pretty but the idea behind it - planning your meals ahead of time - has been a thing of beauty for me.

As you can see, my plan is realistic. Billy and I like to order in on Fridays so I put that down. Leftovers are always gonna happen so that's there, too. Also, I try to plan things that take longer on the weekends when I know I'll have the extra adult hands to manage the kiddos. That is, when those extra adult hands aren't on the other side of the globe for 15 consecutive days.

BTW - I made the crab and squash bisque yesterday, which is based on the one they make at Whole Foods. Too good! And - be still, my beating heart - the kids actually ate it. I guess there is a God.


  1. I really need to get a white board. I printed off a calendar from outlook, but once i get my but to Target I will get the white board. Do you have good suggestions for craft/cooking blogs? I am really getting addicted to the blogospere and love to read new and interesting blogs!

  2. I'm still working on doing a week's worth of menus at a time! I do love the look of the whole month laid out that way though. There is a very organized person inside me just trying to get out! : )

  3. I meal plan weekly because I like to try and take advantage of the weekly sales at the grocery store. However, I do maintain a master list of meals that we like and I had new items to the list whenever we try a new recipe and like it. I pull out the master list and the grocery store ads each weekend and make our plan for the week including leftovers as appropriate. If there aren't any great sales, then we use our freezer and pantry stash (also made up of sale items in addition to staples) and avoid the store entirely. The weekly plan is also really useful in the summer when we are get our CSA share every Saturday. Then we plan our meals around our share as well as the store sales.

    Some of your meals sound really interesting. Maybe you need to go through you March menu and post the recipes for us. :)

  4. @Rhonda: I like the idea of looking at the weekly flyer for deals. I am horrible at doing that but, in the interest of saving money, should probably try it out :)


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