Monday, March 28, 2011

Flat Twins

While Billy was on his epic Asia Tour, I had the idea to make something he could take with him from the kids when he went on long business trips. I had the idea to blend the Flat Stanley idea with that commercial where the dad takes the little girl's monkey stuffed animal with him and takes pictures of the monkey in all the cities he visits. And that is how Flat Colie and Flat Sebby were born.

Making them was easy enough, if your standards for craftiness are as low as mine. Like the silhouettes I did, I found a nice, smiling picture of each of them, cropped it and pasted it into a powerpoint document. I printed it out in color and cut out the faces.

I wasn't sure what the best size would be so I printed a smaller and bigger one of each

For the body, I went with the Gingerbread man outline. This one is free handed (as you can probably tell) but its very easy to find a nice template online.

To get the kids involved, I cut out the bodies and let them decorate it before I put the faces on. They have been really into stamps lately so that was our medium of choice. Once they finished, I glued on their faces to both sides:

They really loved the finished product, which was laminated for protection. It was actually kind of hard to get them to give them up. They gave them to Billy but then wanted them back about 4 seconds later. He had to tuck them away in his briefcase while they were napping.

Colie, admiring her flat self

Billy just left for St. Louis and will hopefully be getting some good shots of Flat Colie and Flat Sebby at the Gateway Arch. I'll be sure to post 'em when he gets back.


  1. LOVE your flat twins - I am about as crafty as you are :)

  2. awwwww cute how they loved them so much.

    an auntie shout-out would have been nice for the lamination step ;)

  3. Awesome idea! The flat babies make me smile.

  4. Love it! I've been thinking of starting something similar for Gemma since Paul travels alot. Have you found any good children's books about parents' traveling? I know I have a couple somewhere in my classroom that I keep meaning to look for

  5. Such a cute idea! I can't wait to see the photos and to hear how the kids react to seeing their flat selves in new places.

  6. That's awesome :) You really are super mom ;) I can't wait to see the various places they get to go!


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