Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8 Months old for Matteo

Matteo's eighth month was somewhat uneventful, as he seems to be working on a lot of the same things he was last month. Here is a quick snap shot of my Tater Tot over the past month:

  • Crawling backwards very well, not so much forward. In the past week or so, he has perfected his downward dog.
  • Eating more table food. In the past month, he has tried crab cakes, quiche (also with crab...), puffs, apple bread, croissant, french toast, mango (pieces and in the mesh feeder), different kids of beans, shredded cheese, squash (pieces and in the mesh feeder), potatoes, and rice.
  • Gets mad when I walk by him and don't pick him up. Actually, distraught might be a better way to describe the emotion. And the face he gives me is just heartbreaking...
  • New love affair with the tupperware cabinet. I am fine having the tupperware all over the floor if it means peace, quiet and both of my arms free while I'm cooking.
  • Still won't take a sippy cup or bottle. Grrr.
  • Has been waking up on his belly lately, or at least he's on his belly by the time I get in there.
  • Loves to chew on paper and shoes. Must have picked that up from the dogs.
  • Sleeping better overall. His naps are much more consistent, I would say. Down from 8/830 - 930/10 for the AM nap and from 1230/1 - 230/3 for the afternoon nap. Bedtime is still between 6 and 630.
  • Still very ticklish :)
  • Eyes haven't turned brown yet...maybe they won't?
Here is my handsome guy, all smiley for his 8-month chair picture:


  1. Very handsome boy!!! Love his smile!

  2. Oh Nicole, he is so damn cute! I just love that big smile and are those dimples I see?! My girls have Blue eyes, I was sure they'd turn, because Jackson was close to 1 when his did, but the girls didn't!

  3. that is the BEST pic ever of 'Teo. UGH he's the cutest darn thing.


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